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  1. NumbOfAthma

    Phaser Boilerplate - + TypeScript + Webpack

    Thanks man! My aim is to help the community in any way I can.
  2. NumbOfAthma

    Preferred Language for Phaser?

    Just switched to TypeScript
  3. Hi guys, I was looking for a Phaser boilerplate, simple, clean to get me started but what I've found on the web was outdated, too complex or didn't do the right thing (at least for me) so I've decided to create my own. The Phaser boilerplate that I've put together comes with: - the latest version of Phaser CE 2.9.4 - TypeScript - Howler.js 2.0.7 (an awesome audio library) - can be removed if one does not need it - Webpack 3.10.0 - ... and few things to get a game up and running in no time Some of the awesome features: There is a integrated TypeScript linter that checks your code for readability, maintainability, and functionality errors (we need to code proper ). The code is watched so any change you make the browser refreshes (unless you have errors in your code). I've added a command to pack your code (minify, uglify, comments removal, console.log removals, etc). The uglify process is only applied on your custom code, not on vendor library so that you won't end up with extra MBs in your final build. The boilerplate is available here: Let me know what you think! Hope it will be useful for the community!
  4. NumbOfAthma

    [Phaser][Completed] - Pop Pop Bubble Wrap

    Hahaha, thank you man! <3
  5. NumbOfAthma

    [Phaser][Completed] - Pop Pop Bubble Wrap

    Using Coccon: It is a great tool for wrapping canvas apps! The down side is the watermark which costs 500$ per app to remove
  6. NumbOfAthma

    [Phaser][Completed] - Pop Pop Bubble Wrap

    Hey there, thank you for taking your time to check my work. The website is just a landing page for the app, it does not contain the actual web version of the "game". The header is made in pure CSS and a few lines of jQuery. All of your suggestions are implemented in the actual mobile app Try it and let me know what you think. Cheers!
  7. Hi guys, I just wanted to show you my latest Phaser app, Pop Pop Bubble Wrap (I know it's simple but I just wanted to get back on track, I haven't coded a Phaser app since the end of 2015). Pop Pop Bubble Wrap is an infinite bubble wrapping popping simulator designed to reduce one' stress and anxiety. You can find it here: iOS: Google Play: Website: #indiedev #indiegame #gamedev #roninmobile Let me know what you think! Regards!
  8. NumbOfAthma

    [Phaser] Brick Stacker

    @Tom Atom Duuuuudee! Thank you very much for taking your time to write such a post! I really appreciated it! I'll give it a try and let you know how it works! Thank you again! You are awesome!
  9. NumbOfAthma

    [Phaser] Brick Stacker

    Nice one, trying to build a game like this myself but I'm still struggling with the p2 :)) I was wondering how do you check the balance of the brick tower?
  10. NumbOfAthma

    Phaser Particle Storm - Move emitter

    Hi guys, Is there any way you can change the position of an emitter created with Particle Storm from (x,y) to (x1, y1) and then to (x2, y2)? Any ideas? --- Or how to destroy an emitter?
  11. NumbOfAthma

    Cocoon - Vertically center game

    Ummm I did it like this, it's ugly but it does the trick: // Deduct the width and height of the screen window.width = navigator.isCocoonJS ? window.innerWidth * window.dips: window.innerWidth; window.height = navigator.isCocoonJS ? window.innerHeight * window.dips: window.innerHeight; window.width = ~~width; window.height = ~~height; window.ratio = Math.round( (height / width) * 100) / 100; var game = new Phaser.Game(480, 800, Phaser.CANVAS); // --- Add states here window.onload = function() { var rw = Math.round(window.width / game.width * 100) / 100; var rh = Math.round(window.height / game.height * 100) / 100; var r = (rw <= rh) ? rw : rh; var actualGameWidth = ~~(r * game.width); var actualGameHeight = ~~(r * game.height); var paddingTB; paddingTB = ~~((window.height - 1 * actualGameHeight) / 2 / window.devicePixelRatio); var paddingLR; paddingLR = ~~((window.width - 1 * actualGameWidth) / 2 / window.devicePixelRatio); var canvas = document.querySelector('canvas'); = "absolute"; = paddingTB; = paddingTB; = paddingLR; = paddingLR; }
  12. NumbOfAthma

    Cocoon - Vertically center game

    @espace3d, thanks for the solution, I'll give it a try. @samme, I've tried many properties from the game, including scale.height. In the browser the value it's ok but in Cocoon doesn't have the same value as in the browser, it fallsback to the height used to instantiate the game
  13. NumbOfAthma

    Particle Storm Atlas

    Thank you, rich!
  14. NumbOfAthma

    Particle Storm Atlas

    Hey guys, I was wondering if Particle Storm can handle an atlas: I'm trying to port this: var emitter =, this.moon.y - ~~(this.moon.y * 0.5), 25); emitter.makeParticles("prefabs", ['present_0.png', 'present_1.png', 'present_2.png', 'present_3.png', 'present_4.png', 'present_5.png', 'present_6.png', 'present_7.png', 'present_8.png', 'present_9.png']); emitter.gravity = 200; emitter.start(true, 3500, null, 15); and from what I've seen until now there is only this setup in Particle Storm: var data = { lifespan: { min: 2000, max: 3000 }, image: ['flare_diamond', 'flare_point', 'flare_vertical'] }; Any ideas? Thank you!