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  1. Hi, just a quick question. Is there any performance penalty for removing all children of a container and adding them again every frame? My question basically - is pixi doing any diffing on that side or should i do it? I'm writing simple event based game in 'React' style with Redux as a state container and event emiter if you will and Pixi as rendering layer. If I should approach it completely differently please let me know. Cheers, Chris
  2. There is also Creature: It supports pixi and seems to offer more than spine.
  3. Hi guys I just wanted to share with a thing I created a moment ago. I call it PIXI Playground and the only thing it does is that it shows you in real time what you are doing. I've been thinking about it since I started to use PIXI and after some tries and thinking I've managed to create a usable version of my idea in about 2 hours just with simple couple lines of code. So here's basically what this Idea look like: Also on youtube: And a little more advanced usage: Syntax is a little bit different from original PIXI because one, I'm using coffeescript and two, I've wrote lot of helpers and extensions to create PIXI object. But basic idea could be used with pure PIXI and javascript also I've created it with designing user interfaces in mind because hard coding everything and refreshing browser all the time is so boring. So what do you think? Anyone have been doing / thinking about something similar and wats to join forces with me? Or maybe something similar exists and I'm repeating someone's work?
  4. Yeah it's rpg maker, not game maker. Sorry, my mistake. But its worth it anyway I hope they'll add spine to that, but it would be just too good.
  5. nothing more to say than title says. Humble Bundle have released Game Making Bundle: Lots of assets and software. I think many people here will benefit from that Video:
  6. Hi, maybe someone will be intrested A webgl course with verified certificate started yesterday: Anyone accomplished something similar? What do you think about it, and did you get any profit out of it?
  7. Update: The reason for showing this little game here instead of libgdx forums is because I am not happy with libgdx webgl performance and I've decided to rewrite it using PIXI.js. And here it is. Its not completed yet but it works a lot better and loads a lot faster than the libgdx version. You can find it here: I would be glad for any comments or critics on this
  8. Hello everyone , I am happy to share my webpage with you. I hope this is not breaking the rules because it's not exactly a game. It's kind of interactive cv or portfolio that I belive will help me find a job as a game developer. I hope you like it Page: Cheers Chris