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  1. greendot

    Infinite car game

    Hi everyone, I'm assigned to work on a project to create an infinite car game for children. The game feeling is something like this: The game will consist of obstacles and prizes. It'll also have tunnels and bridges, etc. I first started working with Unity in 3D, but I hit a roadblock because the game needs to run on a mobile browser without any necessary downloads and Unity's WebGL support on mobile devices is poor. I'm now looking into 2D development. I've looked at Phaser and Godot but not sure how they perform on mobile devices. Any suggestion is appreciated.. I'm not familiar with game development so if there are examples of similar games which work well on mobile devices that would be great. What route would you guys take if you are assigned to work on such project?
  2. greendot

    Dancing TextField with right align

    I'm not a Pixi developer, but I found that playing with the font family helps:
  3. greendot

    How to implement a virtual pet game

    Thanks a lot for all the replies. That spine software looks good. I've let the guy who will work on the animation know about it, and I'll try it out once I have some free time. I actually know how to code, but I mostly do backend stuff such as php and nodejs - I have never done any game development. I have a WebGL book I bought recently but didn't have time to read it yet - it might help me some with game dev too Trust me, I've done that before posting here. I found some examples, but nothing that explains stuff like customizing the pet with clothing and have it fully animated at the same time. If the pet wasn't customizable, I could easily accomplish the animations with sprites, but by adding these elements, we'd have to create sprites for each different combination of accessories which would then become very impractical to develop.
  4. greendot

    How to implement a virtual pet game

    Thanks a lot Jammy, I have never heard of Construct 2 before. I guess I have to try different frameworks and see which ones I like the most. So far Phaser is at the top of my list due to its huge community involvement. Also, thanks for mentioning the "pinning" mechanism, this is something I haven't heard before as well
  5. greendot

    [WIP] My first Phaser game

    Very fun! How long did it take you to make it?
  6. Hey guys, I need to implement a simple virtual pet game where users can dress them up with clothes, hat, etc. The pet will have simple animations such as when touched, or fed, it'll do a gesture and stuff like that. I have never coded a game before so I'm unsure what framework and path to take. Also, in terms of graphics, what would it be the best approach? For example, how can I add a piece of clothing to the pet and this added piece be part of the animation? Maybe is there an example somewhere where I can get some ideas from? Thanks!
  7. greendot

    How is this JSON file created?

    Thanks a lot guys for all the replies!! That Dragonbones looks quite user friendly, but I don't think it's compatible with Phaser, is it? How would you guys approach implementing this virtual pet game? I could be going on the wrong path by using this Creature tool.
  8. greendot

    How is this JSON file created?

    Any ideas guys?
  9. greendot

    How is this JSON file created?

    Hi there, I'm a web developer assigned to write a virtual pet game. I have never actually coded a game before - well, maybe many years ago when I was a kid learning how to code The pet would be able to eat, do some gestures, etc. The artist I'm going to work with will be using Adobe Animate. I found this demo to be very close to what I need: I noticed there is a png file that contains the image assets, but I'm not sure what the JSON file is used for. I believe it controls the animation, but how is this file created? What tool was used? Thank you