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  1. Hi All Am having a issue with my camera, when I try and walk up my terrain i can see through it. I have base my code on But I have added @NasimiAsl infinity terrain to my code. I have attached a image of the issue am getting and all my code can be found here I have been banding my head against this all day so any help would be great.
  2. CodeIain

    navigation mesh and infinity terrain

    @MackeyK24 Thanks for this a demo would be great. Will this work with any mesh or does it need to be exported as a Navigation Mesh? if so is there any way to convert a mesh to a navigation mesh via code? Regards Iain
  3. Hi, i was wondering if anyone had got babylon-navigation-mesh working with some terrain thats dynamically generated? I have implemented @NasimiAsl infinity terrain but when ever i try and use the above library the browser just crashes. Any help would be great.
  4. @NasimiAsl thanks fro you help I have managed to add this to my project.
  5. Hi @NasimiAsl one question. If i was to run this multiple times would it generate different terrain or would it be the same? e.g. if i was to run this on 3 different browsers would the out come be the same each time? am currently building a multiple player FPS and was wondering if i could use this to generate the terrain for the game but I would require the terrain to be the same for each player. Regards Iain
  6. @NasimiAsl Thanks for this I will give this a go the next time I have a chance. Thanks
  7. this is amazing, do you have a tutorial on how it works and how to use it?
  8. Hi All, I was wondering if the VirtualJoysticksCamera can be put in to a follow mode? Basically am building a FPS and i would like to give the players to be able to change from first person view to third person view but keep the joysticks from the VirtualJoysticksCamera. Thanks Iain
  9. Hi am having some problems with the createTiledGround function. I followed this tutorial and have a tilted ground but I will like to detect a mesh colliding with one of the tiles but when I try and get the boundingInfo for the submeshes its always the same as the Main Mesh. using the showSubMesesBoundingBox shows me all the bounding boxes but am struggling to do the collision on a submesh by submesh bases Any help would be great
  10. CodeIain

    moving mesh with mouse

    I don't mind the bouncing to much but what I cant work out is how to limit the tilt. I have tried to getHeightAtCoordinates(50,0,50) no matter when on the tilt plane I try I only get 0 as its being moved by the physics and I cant find how to get the current tilt.
  11. CodeIain

    moving mesh with mouse

    Thanks your help has been amazing, just need to work out how to stop it bouncing and going if the edge but am sure I can work that out. Thanks
  12. CodeIain

    moving mesh with mouse

    i have 0.6.2 from there github site via bower. could this be a issue with the version od Babylon as am using 2.2
  13. CodeIain

    moving mesh with mouse

    Hi RaanaW you cannon example works really well! am having a issue with cannon tho everytime I try ur code in my project I get cannon.js:10958 Uncaught TypeError: Cannot use 'in' operator to search for 'friction' in 0.04000000000000001 and I cant see why as my code is the same as yours. regards, Iain
  14. CodeIain

    moving mesh with mouse

    i thought about just applying gravity thus it would cause the ball to roll but i couldnt get that to work if there is another whay to do it without physics then I am open to anything.
  15. CodeIain

    moving mesh with mouse

    I just have to say thank you so much Wingnut that's a great help and you have pointed me on the right direction. I have never used O‚Äčimo before. so if anyone could help with this it would be great.