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  1. Awesome game, and beautiful graphics like stated above. I've noticed some weird lag issues but I could only imagine with the amount of players playing. Great job and keep up the good work!
  2. I got to say amazing graphics and pretty cool over all experience. Wasn't really sure what to do once I got in the game but I'm sure that will improve in future versions.
  3. You have to create your own collision detection for this. You need 1 point minimum and just check if a pixel exists in the location of the point, if it does stop the sprite, otherwise let gravity take control.
  4. Ancient Beast v0.3 released!

    Very nice graphics and the UI has improved quite a bit, obviously lacking any pvp or bots really makes the game quite boring though. I am curious though why you expect people to step up, especially regarding online architecture. I would not expect that and I do remember talking to you about a year ago regarding your game. Even though certain aspects might be new, the general game-play is similar to quite a few games that have come out on mobile. I don't personally enjoy the gameplay but I do hope you succeed. By reading your blog posts I would explore other avenues of getting this game done or working on a simpler game with this nice art.
  5. Very nice @samme Awesome to see the new features of phaser ce in examples.
  6. It all depends highly on how you coded your original game, look though the phaser docs and break it down but I am going to guess and say using phasers scale manager will not work properly without using phasers sprites.
  7. This is a good read to understand module systems: https://dzone.com/articles/javascript-module-systems-showdown-commonjs-vs-amd As for bundling, Webpack is quite popular, a bunch of larger projects are using it now. But best? Like @mattstyles said, no best exists, just what you prefer and what works for you.
  8. let vs var keyword?

    Read this: https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Web/JavaScript/Reference/Statements/let http://www.jstips.co/en/javascript/keyword-var-vs-let/ You can use let with phaser and html5 gamedev, but it is es6 so be sure to use babel or only develop for newer browsers.
  9. Phaser on Linux & Rasberry Pi

    It is more comparable to mobile performance, and not the newest mobile devices, I have one and tested it. You can download a modern browser, that isn't an issue. It has a great OS right out of the box when you connect wifi that offers tons of video game emulation, thought that was awesome.
  10. The js file is a compiled package, where clone, zip and tar.gz are going to offer the whole project. Which will come with builds and all the files it takes to make phaser. So yes, linking to phaser.min.js means you are using the full version of phaser.
  11. I am interested too as I use particles to generate a lot of effects, desktop it is good performance but mobile really gets beat up. I see quite impressive mobile games so I am always curious if it is possible.
  12. Music you listen while working.

    I generally listen to youtube streams like this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OpIQNxiKJoE
  13. How should i learn Phaser.Io?

    Best way to learn phaser is from the examples: https://phaser.io/examples Making code not steal-able is a little bit more difficult, obviously uglifing your code can help but your going to want to look into obfuscation. You can also write some code to verify against your server, which I do. Realistically its a good platform for 2d games and allows you to port it to many clients, like mobile and desktop.
  14. Ethics in creating addicting games.

    I don't find learning to be addictive by definition, more features, more moves, more characters, more variety and team play is where I find value in a game. Its the free loot they give you once a day you need to login for or those micro payments because something takes hours if not days to finish unless you pay to speed it up... those are the demons that loom over gaming now. Finding ways to nickle and dime players while giving them an almost unlimited grind for small upgrades. I mostly blame this on the World of Warcraft, where for me the game wasn't that fun, just knowing you were a higher level then a friend or had cooler items, that was all that really mattered. Their is definitely a thin line between addicting game play and a great game, if you enjoy playing a game and don't feel like its a task, I say good that is not addicting game play. And sadly like @vornay said, some people can get addicted to anything, look at gambling, you can't change that, that is a mental health issue.
  15. https://phaser.io/community/slack and its very active, more active then the forum chat by far. Obviously just for phaser tough. And Day of the Tentacle will always be one of my favorite games, so many memories. I have replayed it numerous times with ScummVM and now I want to play it again!