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  1. The multi-screen is the problem. I already start the game in full-screen with nw.js but I can still click outside the window. I guess pointer lock api is the solution, thanks guys!
  2. I am using NW.js for my game Devader ( and if the mouse leaves the window/application it's possible for the player to lose focus on the game, what can be very annoying. I can't come up with a solution. I need the cursor to be shown, but I don't want the cursor to exit the screen. A possible solution might be to use pointer lock ( but it will be awkward to handle and it won't be possible to use the GUI I have so far. So ... maybe I could hack it in, but I really don't like the sound of it. Has anyone dealt with this problem before?
  3. @csganja sorry about the pants, that was never my intention @gamelover thanks for the info, I never updated the first post. the game is no longer online, as I just could not handle the different browsers and it was really hindering my progress. So now I am aiming for steam, using NW.js as a base. download can be found at
  4. thanks for your input! there have been some new iterations, a lot of people disliked the graffiti style logo. these are the current contenders.
  5. My artist made some new background images for the main screen and also a kind of logo. Not sure if its in the right style for the game, or if it's too playful. At least it's not as sterile as my original design. Orginal: Silhouette Eyes What do you like best?
  6. I'm still working on Devader, but progress seems very slow. I am doing a lot of small fixes and working on GUI. The GUI part is surprisingly hard with html, as I want the whole game to work nicely with controllers. I created my own controller-input library just for the GUI a while ago, but it still had a lot of things to improve. It allows me to move around from button to button, selecting and activating buttons. Handling multiple layers is still a pain, but I have managed to get it to work for the most part. Would there be any interest in my releasing something like that on github? The new selection screen for Nuke or EMP Selection screen for choice of Turret Game play wise the changes have been rather subtle. Today I changed the weapon power-up handling. So far the power-ups just timed out after you picked them up, no matter how often you fired. Now I've switched to an ammo based usage. This forces the player to think more about how to use the weapons he has.
  7. I assume something you are doing is using too much performance. Maybe give profiling a try, to find what the lag could be caused by?
  8. I'm trying to place a div with information over my webgl layer. I am using requestAnimationFrame but the html over the canvas is still wobbly, only accurate when the webgl viewport is not moving. Any ideas what might be going wrong, or have you experienced the same problem? I am using Chrome 56
  9. I just played smiley cubes for a bit. I think the quality is very good, but the game is not. There is no challenge, the goals are pointless. Restarting a level gives you new random locations so you just win sometimes by mindlessly clicking. I would suggest removing the randomness on some of the levels and giving the player more time. Making the choice of klick meaningful could make this into a puzzle game and not just click as fast as you can and hope to win. I could not get past the level where you need to remove all the orange blocks. I had no chance to use a strategy, so I just ended up mindlessly clicking and hoping for the best. The best did not occur, so I stopped playing slightly frustrated.
  10. hey thanks for your input. you are right, they are likely not my target audience. on the other hand, maybe its possible to build up some following throught these platforms? I think it's at least worth trying and many other game devs seem to be doing it.
  11. I added my game to steam greenlight about a week ago and it's not going well at all. I hope this is mainly due to my failure to promote. But I am trying to change that. I've created a homepage, made accounts for twitter, imgur and updated infos on indiedb. I will be adding reddit and facebook too. not sure about instagram/tumblr, any other ideas? for twitter I was wondering if there are any good hashtags to use, related to html5 gaming? my marketing skills are really terrible, so I would be glad for any pointers. @falkenbrew
  12. I've just entered my game on steam greenlight. You can find the demo here: I received a few friend requests from promo-groups. Does anyone have experience with this? My marketing skills are 0.
  13. I work with radians and 0 is on the right. I am very glad about this choice, as it would be a real pain to have to adapt all math functions. having 0 at the top for artists is fine, but there is no need to have to convert anything else imho. my unit images start from the top and rotate clockwise. but this is a pretty simple conversion to find the correct image. if you want to use sin/cos/atan2 its just much more straightforward to have 0 on the right and use the x/y axis as they are used on screen.
  14. I'm a bit worried about licensing issues if I were to use mp4 video within a NW.js release. It seems like this would require me to pay a fee (the dll to play mp4 is not included in a normal NW.js release). I would be glad to hear any suggestions for a good alternative. webm seems to be much worse in quaility and I could not get ogv to work.
  15. I found the issue, it was an outdated game link. The game switched from AntiMiner to Devader, but I had not updated the game link. Thanks again for telling me about the problem!