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  1. oh and it needs to be a pixelperfect drag with rotation too
  2. thanks for all the suggestions. the car now turns only when the input eg mouse is clicked but does not update contionously when the pointer is moving around. any suggestions how to update?
  3. Hi there, I want to implement a car which can be dragged and is able to turn around corners while being draged so far I only found a posibility to turn in direction of the pointer (eg mouse) but than the car turns before it is even (pixelperfect)clicked too any sugguesstions or helpfull links? thanks:)
  4. Hi there, i was browsing other articles but couldnt find a sufficient answer. i was wondering if its possible to animate sprites in Adobe After Effects and export or use them in the html5 game with Phaser?! it seams easier to me to animate visually with Adobe than hardcode the animation as smooth as in After Effects.... does anyone have experiences with this? thanks in advance!