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    Online HTML5 Apps/Game Build Tools

    Yes, Android-only right now!
  2. Hi guys! We're pitching a new tool to build HTML5 apps/game via cloud. It's as simple as some build tools like CocoonJS of Ludei, or AppMobi of IntelXDK, but no watermark or splash will be added in your game like other services. [How it woks] - Go to our site, register one developer account. - Set app info: name, package name, version, screen orientation... - Upload your HTML5 zip file, icon, splash image... - Integrate Admob, Chartboost, Google Analytics... with your own IDs - Choose wrapper technology like Crosswalk or Cordova or Android Webview... - Android-only right now [Pricing] - We just only charge for unique package name one-time at all with very low price (~1$). - It means you can build unlimited times with a package name. If you have interested with our tool, please contact me via email: quanghd.it@gmail.com, I'll give you the link of beta test version, it's FREE! Thank you!