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  1. Congrats, a job well done.
  2. How to go to specific animation frame?

    Is something possible with beginDirectAnimation? Also
  3. What would really help us help you would be a simplified version in a playground. Just use a cylinder for the projectile with your basic code to spawn it by the camera and to launch it.
  4. If the question is interpreted as 'Can Babylon.js do this with existing base code, extensions and plugins? then the answer (IMHO) is no. If the question is interpreted as 'Can Babylon.js be used in such a way as to do this?' then the answer is, of course, yes provided someone has the skills, time and inclination to write the code. Unfortunately I do not have the skills, even though I have the time and the inclination. The reason I say 'yes it can be done' is because there are examples using 'threejs' and 'ammojs' that show good softbody simulations, including cloth movement: That I do not have the skills can be seen in my poor attempt to reproduce the second example using Babylon. js but it does show that given the right person it could be done. RaananW has the skills and the inclination however I would expect not the time. Sorry I have not been very helpful but hope it gives you something useful to consider. Good luck with your endeavours which I keep following.
  5. Hi @simple_life and welcome to the forum. Unfortunately there is insufficient information to provide any useful advice. From what I can see you are loading the same file from two different folders and you are saying one works and the other does not. Does the file actually exist in both folders? The comments in the second example do not change anything.
  6. No Way To Draw 2d HUD Text or Lines?

    Hi @bljulian and welcome to the forum. As always Babylon.js has a way, checkout or Dad72's
  7. @splash27 physics option is a good way to go @Wingnut [Quick thread hi-jack and then goes leaving only footprints] hi (returns hug) Not so cool today 24oC today, please send some of that snow you have been offering.
  8. Here is a PG showing a box moving along a curve Hope it helps. Any specific questions please ask.
  9. Merge some merged meshes

    Another thing you could do is use a max version of Babylon.js which would give full variable names in the error messages find it in readme file on
  10. Merge some merged meshes

    Hi @legallon and welcome to the forum from me. Yes you can merge merged meshes If you still have problems create a playground.
  11. Hi @ZeroAT and welcome to the forum. If you want to turn the ship 180 degrees from current position you can use .addRotation If you want Euler Angles the you can convert from the quaternion Hope this helps. Ask again if you need more help.
  12. focusTarget is what the camera is following and is the center of the camera orbit. However you position it it will be centre screen.
  13. Hi @zzlettle and welcome from me. is not a vector but an abstract mesh. You can use a transformNode as the target for the camera and make this the parent of the mesh you want offset from the center
  14. Is this what you are looking for?
  15. inputText dynamic resize

    Access is already available and contributions welcomed and considered