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  1. JohnK


    On hold again as it was put on by a banned user.
  2. Here are some PGs playing around with width, needs more thought and work and with %
  3. Hi @zen85 and welcome to the forum. In the playgound BABYLON.SceneLoader.ImportMesh("", "./scenes/", "dummy3.babylon", scene, ./scenes/ gives the relative path to the image dummy3.babylon. within the playground file structure. If your file structure does not include the file dummy.babylon within a folder called scenes at the same location as your html file then SceneLoader will not be able to find the file. The second parameter must contain the relative or absolute path of the actual location of the named file. EDIT correction made as per ssaket post following this one.
  4. You can build your own custom version. The only way I could do it I will describe below. Others may know alternatives You build from a local version of the BabylonJS/Babylon.js github repository. Read and rather than creating your own fork and cloning from that just clone directly to your local computer. Before doing the build part read to see which workloads to select and place in the `buildConfigurations` and set the `currentConfig` to this. The do the build part with gulp --max-old-space-size=8192 and you build of javascript files will be in the dist folder.
  5. JohnK


    Have renamed page to Babylon.js to match French and Russian versions BabylonJS will redirect
  6. JohnK

    Wikipedia EDIT 17 Nov 2018 On hold again as it was put on by a banned user.
  7. JohnK

    How add ring in disc?

    Sorry do not know what you mean please explain.
  8. JohnK

    Mesh generation with a points

    Hi @Brabbit_640 welcome to the forum for point rendering this thread is also worth a read mesh building possible provided, as trevordev said, you know how to triangulate (if that's the right word) the points.
  9. JohnK

    Typo on Doc

    Thank you for the info, corrected and PRed
  10. JohnK

    Cylinder edit vertices on top

    But if it is on a different topic then as you have done asking a new question is better.
  11. Still seems to be a little misunderstanding. This is the forum. The playground is a great place where you can write or paste code that can be edited and the effects seen immediately. @Wingnut gave you a link to a playground he created for you it is very simple for you (or anyone else) to make changes and hit the Run button to see the effect of these changes. Keep making changes and hit that Run button 'til you get to a point where you need more help. Just hit the Save button. The playground you were editing is still safe - the new playground will have a number (after the #) one higher than the one you were playing with. Copy the address of your new playground and paste this straight into the forum. Now we can help by editing this playground, saving it and pasting the link for you to see what we have done. To get back to an earlier playground you were working with just change the number after # to a lower one. It can also be a good idea to bookmark for your self any playgrounds you might want to go back to as it is not easy to remember which number between the two #s goes with which playground. When you want a blank playground the new button will give you a starter template nd clear will give you a completely blank playground. For now have a play around with the playground Wingy posted see what you can achieve towards your goal and then ask more questions.
  12. JohnK

    How add ring in disc?

    You could build with 'cones' adjusting top and bottom diameters, heights and positions
  13. JohnK

    How add ring in disc?

    Given you have named your disc disco how about 😎
  14. Hi @Eisha and welcome to the forum from me. Rather than providing a zip file which requires down loading, virus checking and running it would be so much easier to help you if you gave us a simple playground with two spheres and the code you are using. If your code has been set up using a createScene function it is easy to transfer this part to the playground. You can see the relationship between your own HTML code and playground code here Before you create the playground for us this page may be helpful It deals with a sphere hitting a wall but the issues are the same.