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  1. I haven't looked too much into your code, what physics system are you using? If it's Arcade Physics, you can't really use custom shapes for collisions, as it only supports rectangles and circles. You'll have to use Matter.js I think. There might be an example on how to do this at labs.phaser.io, haven't used Matter.js much myself.
  2. Weapon Plugin for Phaser 3 A Phaser 3 compatible port of the Weapon Plugin shipped with Phaser CE. This is a work in progress and is currently in beta. The functionality is working, but there's probably bugs and the API is not final. Please consider testing it out if you like the work we've put into this and would like to help shape the future of this project. How to use To install from npm: npm install phaser3-weapon-plugin@beta # if you use npm yarn add phaser3-weapon-plugin@beta # for yarn users See instructions in the readme on how to load the plugin in your game. The plugin files are also available in the dist folder. All the examples from the v2 plugin are in the repo, so you can get testing quickly. The port of the plugin was started by me, but @jdotrjs has helped extensively with debugging and implementing broken features.
  3. Nice game. I would say it has great potential and could be really fun as soon as you get used to the controls. Haven't yet tried it on mobile, but seems like a great candidate for simple touch controls.
  4. Alternatively you could upload the files to a server and download them with the usual Phaser.Loader with the url to the image. In that case you would need to do som server side stuff.
  5. You could use a file input element in HTML and get the selected file as a blob. You should be able to create a new entry in the Phaser Cache, but I suppose you would need to use some private methods and manually create a PIXI.Texture from the blob.
  6. Thank you for the feedback. Since there is no support for sloped tiles as rich said I will probably just use the normal tiles for now. The custom collision handler seems like it could work though so maybe I will look into it at some point. It would also be a nice addition if there was support for this.
  7. I am wondering how to get better collision with tiles from a tilemap that are partly transparent? Like here when the player is just floating above the ground. How do i change the collision box to fit better on tiles?