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  1. Nevermind, I figured it out, I forgot to render the stage.. Thanks! Resuming my PIXI journey now...
  2. //Aliases let Container = PIXI.Container, autoDetectRenderer = PIXI.autoDetectRenderer, loader = PIXI.loader, resources = loader.resources, Sprite = PIXI.Sprite; // Create the stage and renderer let stage = new Container(), container = new Container(), renderer = autoDetectRenderer(1200, 750,{backgroundColor : 0x1099bb,antialias: false, transparent: false, resolution: 1}); document.body.appendChild(renderer.view); stage.addChild(container); //Load image loader.add("img/bg_featured_med.jpg").load(function () { let bgSprite = new PIXI.Sprite(resources["img/bg_featured_med.jpg"].texture) // var slide = background(container, new PIXI.Sprite.fromImage("img/bg_featured_med.jpg"),'cover'); //var slide = background(container, bgSprite,'cover'); //console.log(slide); console.log(bgSprite); container.addChild(bgSprite); }); // start animating animate(); function animate() { requestAnimationFrame(animate); //render the container renderer.render(stage); } function background(bgSize, inputSprite, type, forceSize) { var sprite = inputSprite; var bgContainer = new PIXI.Container(); var mask = new PIXI.Graphics().beginFill(0x8bc5ff).drawRect(0,0, bgSize.x, bgSize.y).endFill(); bgContainer.mask = mask; bgContainer.addChild(mask); bgContainer.addChild(sprite); var sp = {x:sprite.width,y:sprite.height}; if(forceSize) sp = forceSize; var winratio = bgSize.x/bgSize.y; var spratio = sp.x/sp.y; var scale = 1; var pos = new PIXI.Point(0,0); if(type == 'cover' ? (winratio > spratio) : (winratio < spratio)) { //photo is wider than background scale = bgSize.x/sp.x; pos.y = -((sp.y*scale)-bgSize.y)/2 } else { //photo is taller than background scale = bgSize.y/sp.y; pos.x = -((sp.x*scale)-bgSize.x)/2 } sprite.scale = new PIXI.Point(scale,scale); sprite.position = pos; return bgContainer; } Hello! Ive tried to console log everything within the anon function after the image loads. Even tho nothing traces is null, im not able to get the image show onscreen. Can I get a second pair of eyes to see what the issue? Thanks
  3. for It feels funny having all files in one directory instead split amongst a few folders or maybe im missing something
  4. I searched here after going pro on codepen, then realizing you can edit only one js file... (wamp, wamp) it looks like plnkr is a free codepen...I may go there.. another one to watch is it deals with the webpack setup for you edit: and
  5. I agree Mike! My only frustration is doing the math to place the responsive elements on screen, as opposed to laying them out in animate... but its probably worth the practice @Mike018 how do you place or "design" the objects on screen. using code right?
  6. how is your experience with animate cc going Mike, I am about to start using it with Pixi
  7. Hi @kahootbird I dont mean sites with annoying intros btw. That trend is gone thankfully. I agree Pixi isnt an end. My competitors are front end devs using pure html css js who likely use css grids. But their goals and mine are different. The end in my mind are sites that don't fill standardized UX grids, and have custom artistic layouts & emotional environments. Maybe like the sites below attached graphic done by Anthony Kryiazis's or like Shane Mielke's work on the movie Now You See Me 2 - ( You made a good suggestion to create a portfolio doing what you love and that way getting hired doing what you like. That sounds a like a good idea.
  8. Im referring to the agency or production studio market. I have a flash background and will try again at getting into pixi but Im concerned its too specific for there to be alot of job opportunities for non game development. Is my intuition correct? Thoughts?
  9. Everyone else, Here are more details, if you are interested Ivanix and others please fillout the form at as we are trying to build a database of three.js folks. SUMMARY:Hallmark seeks an interactive experience where users can create personalized Christmas messages and share them with their friends. Execution should be independent of Facebook, but can be shared through Facebook.APPROACHIn the build up of anticipation for the Christmas season, the Hallmark Channel is seeking an interactive experience that helps viewers create and share customizable holiday creations. The concept should be warm, friendly and easy to use -­‐ filled with great looking holiday themed art. Since the target audience is often reluctant to allow Facebook connectivity for apps, this experience should exist as a microsite -­‐ something that is simple and easy to use, and does not require Facebook log in or authorization <See special requirement request below for users who do want to use FB to upload photos >. The experience should be customizable -­‐ allowing users to bring in personal photos, add in names or personalized messages -­‐ and the final creation needs to be easily sharable across Facebook and Instagram.SELECTED CONCEPT:Holiday Hearth: Design and create your own personalized Holiday Hearth. Select from a variety of decorations, messages and even personal photos to include. A fun, cozy picture will be generated that can be shared with Facebook and Instagram. Special Requirements Requested (TBD; See Functional Spec Document request) User can log in with FB and pull photos from their FB albums; Since some users will not want to give the app permission, the user will be asked where they want to get photos from first. If they choose FB, then ask them to log in. FB only. It will be optional, specifically for those people who want to pull from their FB albums.
  10. Ivanix, My apologies for the confusion... It is a roughly one month project, with a very tight timeline, see below... WED Sep 14 - Project greenlight - Wireframe and Design Begins WED Sep 30 - Design approval THU - Sep 30th to FRI Oct 14th - Development MON - Oct 17 to FRI Oct 21 - Testing MON Oct 24 - Soft launch SAT Oct 29 - Public launch Thanks, Dwayne
  11. Hello Freelancers, My name is Dwayne and I am the technical account manager for Mass Ideation. I actually joined this forum years when I was learning Pixi but right now I'm contacting you because we are looking for a developer with Pixi.Js and/or Three.Js skills. It's roughly a one two month project It's due approximately October 7th - 14th. There may be some testing/qa after for about a week. Its a web app that takes a screenshot of a living room, the scene will be viewable by different camera views, and the users will upload images in this app. We would need to make an editable scene that allows people to pull in images then place them in the scene. Users can select from a variety of Christmas trees, pick and place photos (as ornaments), customize the background/ setting, add a wreath on the door, and even upload a family photo to hang on the wall. If you are interested, please fill out this survey with your skills and hourly rate Best, Dwayne
  12. Even tho I've been developing for a while ive always been scared to look in API's whether it be like threeJS or pixi its like learning a new language literally. plus i had the incorrect impression source code is something "sacred" that shouldnt be touched and would instead look for tutorials... but i guess the guys who made the tutorials were the ones who werent afraid to dig in the docs But thanks xerver for your patience.. I will check out the source event emmitter and get to work.
  13. Hey clement, thanks for taking the extra step and testing it for me . It does work now!! I can resume building my site. I'm shedding a tear and maybe those other posters who had the same question hopefully would find this answer. Thank you everyone.
  14. Thank you for this. To my credit, I went all the way back to Display object in the docs but when it said it was based off EventEmitter, i wasnt able to click on it to see that... For some reason i thought looking through the source was offlimits and to instead use the api's but ill do that.. thank you clement, now how do i make this thread answered...