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  1. I'm available for work! Feel free to contact me! šŸ™‚ email: Portfolio:
  2. I'm available for work! Feel free to contact me by email
  3. rich, Thanks! dimumurray, Thanks! No, the pictures belong to the client.
  4. Hi! My name is Jeny. Iā€™m a 2D game artist and animator (Characters design, backgrounds, objects, UI design, flash animation, etc). I don't create the pixel art. I'm interested in full-time freelance work, and also individual projects. I'm not interested to work for free. Paid work only. I DON'T work for free, for percent, etc. I prefer work for a fixed price. Please, send me a list of the assets/game design document and I will tell you the price and deadlines. Portfolio: Blog: In my portfolio you can see only some of my works, because I usually sign the NDA with my clients. You can contact me at Please contact me by email, I don't read the messages here. Thanks!