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  1. There are already a few games on Steam using HTML5, for instance Adventure Lamp which was made using Construct 2 (there is even one that was posted here recently). Basically you can wrap any HTML5 app using nw.js (used to be called node-webkit). It's like a Chrome browser without all the toolbars, and some additional APIs.
  2. Thanks man, I definitely wouldn't have pushed a game like that if it wasn't for js13k Now let's see if I can "compete" with the big players on Greenlight. For those interested, I also still working on the game itself. I am still trying to make it look fun, add relevant gameplay elements, and balance the whole thing, so feedback (postive AND negative) is always welcome
  3. Hello everyone, Some of you may remember the results of js13k 2016, in which Glitchbuster made first in the mobile category, and second overall. Ever since I started working on that game, I knew I wanted to make something bigger, not bound by the 13kb limit. Well, after several months of work on v2 of the game, I just published the game on Steam Greenlight, and I'm hoping that I can release it on the Steam platform in the coming months. Steam Greenlight is basically a community system where players can vote for the games they want to see in the store. Games that are popular enough get the right to get published on Steam and are accessible to millions of players. The game is quite different from the original js13 entry, so here is the pitch: And here is a nice trailer I put together: If you think the game is worth putting on Steam, please take a minute and upvote it using your Steam account on its dedicated page: Glitchbuster is the result of months of work, and getting to publish it on Steam would mean a lot to me. I appreciate any kind of support, and I would really love it if you could help me get it to the Steam store.
  4. Thanks Benny Sorry I didn't see that message earlier. In the case of js13k, I use my own compiler simply because I can make it more efficient than just minifying the code. Minifiers can't make certain assumptions, especially in terms of mangling. Making the same game with just a regular minifier isn't possible imho. To give you an idea, if I turn off my custom mangling, I'm 1628 bytes over the limit... Anyway, the compiler is on Github: I may write an article about it, but I feel like it's too late now.
  5. Apparently you guys didn't wait to put the game on your webite
  6. Hi Remi

    Please can send price for non-exclusive for ? only logo and splash , if have more games send me links please

    Please send to this mail [email protected]

    Kind Regards


  7. Just a quick update, since js13k is over now, I was able to squeeze more things in the game, such as the pause menu, and the ability to select the quality (high res/low res). On a side note, if you wish to support my entry, feel free to go to, and hit the tweet button. Thanks
  8. I updated the game (still available at ) and am planning to submit tomorrow, unless something major comes up. Some of the updates include: - new HUD style, emphasizes on what's important - larger field of view - larger screen on desktop - no quality prompt on desktop anymore (though still present on mobile) - difficulty tweaks, especially item drops - updated map generation - animation adjustments - slightly better performance - visual help when throwing breakpoints/grenades - ... aaaaaand a lot of byte squeezing Let me know what you guys think
  9. The mobile/desktop screen actually has nothing to do with touch screens or not. It's only for the quality of the graphics For the full screen, because of the way if is compiled, it might be very complicated. I'll give it a try though.
  10. Thanks for the feedback, that's actually something I tried before and didn't follow through because it messed with a lot of things. But you're not the only one to have complained about it, so I made everything a little smaller (80% of its original size). Other than that, I'm still working on a couple tweaks, like item spawns that tend to be too frequent in the last levels. Maybe enemies will drop items when dying instead, not sure yet. Breakpoints need to be adjusted as well, I may just make them sticky instead of bouncy, and add a visual indication of where they will fall.
  11. Hello there, It's been a while I haven't posted anything here, mostly because I don't have that much time for game dev anymore, but here is my entry for js13k 2016: Glitch Buster. The game's goal is to dive into a code base, and fix all 13 glitches within the time limit. You'll need to avoid the scary and sometimes unpredictable pointers. You can also use breakpoints that you will find in the levels as grenades. All levels (except the tutorial) are randomly generated, in a very similar way to Spelunky. The game is not 100% done yet, I intend to spend a tiny bit more time on optimizing, balancing, testing across devices... In terms of features, I only have 178 bytes left to play with and I'm out of compression tricks, so I probably won't be able to add anything too crazy anymore (I'm already surprised I was able to fit sound in there). You can play it at Let me know what you guys think
  12. Definitely looking forward to this edition, it will give me an excuse to make a game, and it's always so much fun to work with these constraints. Definitely recommend participating for those who haven't yet
  13. Which won't hurt your discoverability if you decide to create a bot because they'd only have one (if they even get approved). Bots are manually approved, contrary to the old cards system.
  14. I can see why this was frustrating for you, however, millions of users still use it every day, which I believe could be of interest for game developers looking for an audience. That's why I posted the article here. If you have feedback regarding the app itself, I would suggest using the help center, which should be more suited than this thread
  15. I just published an article talking about bots on Kik and how they relate to HTML5. Check it out: https:[email protected][email protected]46c30