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  1. warpedpuppy

    Looking for Front-End Developer for Browser-Based Card Game

    I know it has been three weeks since you posted this, but I wanted to offer my services. I've got several card games and experiments up on my site: http://tryingsomething.com. Thanks.
  2. warpedpuppy

    HTML5 game rewrite (pixi.js?)

    Hey -- My name is Ted and I've coded with Pixi a bunch. Here's a link to a little application (using pixi) I made yesterday: http://tryingsomething.com/exercises/_46.php. And in case you want to see more, there are a bunch on that site (tryingsomething.com) and I have a lot of others too. I'd love to work on your game with you. Let me know if you still need someone. Thanks.