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  1. AndyTyurin

    Web spritesheet editor

    Hello guys! Recently I made several updates to improve UI, beside I started to work with sprite re-sizing feature. Design still in progress, but you can already see changes.
  2. AndyTyurin

    Web spritesheet editor

    Thanks for a link, looks like it not works in my country, but I have opened through VPN. Yeah, it has basic functionality, but usage will be absolutely different, beside extra functionality around.
  3. AndyTyurin

    Web spritesheet editor

    And early design below
  4. AndyTyurin

    Web spritesheet editor

    Hello again. Recently I have planned case of auto-scaling images inside cell on preview and I did it. I need some of your attention to understand how adding image works: 1) Imagine that you have a sprite cell with size 128x128 and you want to add image with size 256x256. In this case as your image bigger then cell it will be automatically adjust to cell's size in preview. You can drag your image inside, scale it, but each 1px of your drag will be equal by 2 because of scaling. 2) Imagine another case when your cell is equal to 2048x2048 (yeah, quite big), beside you have an image 256x256. There are another problem can be occurred when you will open a popup. The popup width's is not bigger then your cell, so cell will adjust his width to some smaller, some available space, but you still can drag your image, scale and so on. In this case quite hard to make precise moving of your image inside the cell, so I planned to add fields in menu on right to control. There would be fields such X, Y, W, H of your image, beside information about cell's width and height. Thanks, hopefully someone will be interested to help me in development.
  5. AndyTyurin

    Web spritesheet editor

    Hey guys! I made basic functionality by adding images. There are still a lot of work have to be done. As an example my preview window is not consistent with real width and height of my cell, beside images have their own dimensions, all of this stuff must be calculated and placed right, but hope I'll make my plans this weekends
  6. AndyTyurin

    Web spritesheet editor

    Hey guys! There new updates of spritesheet editor: – Zoom. – Move. – Add new columns and rows by clicking on right or bottom card. Design is still in progress so I didn't make it yet.
  7. AndyTyurin

    Web spritesheet editor

    Hey guys! Nobody answer since I have opened the topic. I'll be glad for your feedback. Maybe some ideas? Beside, what's already done: Hand tool for spritesheet movement (set by default). Auto scaling depends on how much items in rows & columns have. I'll work on design soon, next will be main feature of controlling spritesheet cells and adding sprites, beside planned to add zoom.
  8. Spritesheet Editor in web Create spritesheets by placing images in cells, set up sizes and offsets of your columns and rows. Download generated JSON file with coordinates of each of your sprite and PNG spritesheet image. Autosave of your progress, sharing, collaboration work; Development of spritesheet is not easiest in terms of 20 or 100 sprites. In case of WebGL games it's quite necessary to have one spritesheet instead of using separated images each iteration of rendering. Tool is useful for designers and developers who are interested in development 2D, 2.5D games. I'm seeking for React developers to build this app for community for free. The project consists of 3 phases. First one gives you main functionality for generating PNG and JSON. Next one will be about keeping information on server-side in database with social network authorization, it will be premium functionality for really cheap 3$/month subscription per account. Last phase will introduce collaboration mode, invite by link and multiply spritesheets management. Please, leave your comments about features you want to have, development already started. Thanks, cheers!
  9. Hello guys! TL;DR: I'm seeking for team mates to build space 2.5D top view multiplayer deathmatch game with machine intelligence. I have working on "cruiserwars" game for a while. When I started it was huge plan for things which I want to have in this game, but getting fail by fail I realize situation. Right now I can say, what exactly can be done, why I'm making this features and can describe product's vision in three phases. My game is huge and I figured out that will be better to separate it to several small games as united products. First game I want to introduce there to find team mates, form a team and lead development to transform idea to real product. "Cruiserwars Arena" You have been involved in infinity war against others by playing for AI race in distant space in one of the space sectors. By following your main instinct, your role to get maximum amount of kills to keep your intelligence in cluster's database. Soon, main CPU will use your grabbed data for production of determination fleet against humans. Phases I. Infinity battle in a sector against bots. It will be first release with offline game mode, where you can fight against smart CPU built on top of machine learning technology. As a player you should take a first place in leaderboard with higher score of kills, but your scores will be flushed when if you die. Share with your score in social network and invite friends to play for higher score. II. As CPU become smarter, other players are too involved in battle as you. You should be really mastery to kill other players and bots and get higher score in leaderboard. Invite you friends in a game, fight against multiply enemies and show who is a best CPU ever made. III. You found that scores are data which can improve your skills and technologies. Use scores to enhance your spaceship details: cabin, wings, thrusters, turrets and other parts of your spaceship can become better look and performance. Show your spaceship's design and power and become first in leaderboard. Key features – Customized and destroyable spaceship's parts: wings, turrets, thrusters and sub-systems; – CPU becomes smarter by playing with you and other players by utilizing machine learning technology; – Leaderboard and unique spaceship's parts for winners; – Play through the browser, even from your mobile / tablet device along with desktop, anytime you want; – This game is only part of something upcoming (part of the bigger game). Already has As browser multiplayer games are still not investigated yet and there a lot of work should be done before implementing real features, better to say not a lot! – Scene management, assets loading, assets storage, set up lifecycle actions for your scene loading and switching; – Entities, commonly renderable objects on your scene, beside each of them has an actor who control the entity; – Actors, it's part of the logic which can manage input controllers and entity which they applied too (for ex.: PlayerActor and NPCActor); – Keyboard, mouse controllers; – REST services to retrieve information about specific player, sector and spaceship (client-side only with mocks). and other small features.... You see that a lot of features almost technical implementation of architecture. I'm worried about clean code which can be scaled soon, but as time is going and I'm prefer do not write tests on current stage. Tools and libraries – Javascript ES6-7 (Babel) with OOP way programming; – Webpack 2 for bundle building; – Node.JS webserver, node.js game server and node.js microservices (koa/express); – React to build user interface, server-side rendering behind the scene; – Pixi.js rendering engine to show graphics; – ESlint for code quality; – Axios and WebSocket API for communication; – MongoDB, redis to keep users data; – Passport.js for authorization process; – SCSS + postcss autoprexifer; – Docker to build images; – Amazon AWS as end delivery platform; –, skype, trello for visual communication and task management; Who is needed to accomplish the game? Hero #1 – Digital artist You will be responsible for drawing sprite graphics and leveling. For example to draw different parts of spaceships, asteroids, backgrounds with description of each of your work for end customer. Hero #2 – Machine learning back-end node.js developer You will be involved in development of game server and AI machine learning system, set up connection with mongoDB and redis. Hero #3 – Sound composer Write sounds for lasers, thrusters, explosions and other more, beside you will be engaged in development of music tracks for battle scenes. Hero #4 – Javascript front-end developer Build user interface for game elements, build FX and game logic on client side. Requirements – Experience building stuff based on your role, some resources to show; – Desire to build game by using best practices, do not make anything without understanding why are you doing this; – Listen for team-mates, follow direction of the product's vision; – Time to work with game more then 5 hours per week; About my self My name is Andy, I'm trying to make massive multiplayer space game in browser with absolute freedom. Before I have made a lot of experiments and right now time to make real game product with goal to get budget for next development. I'm working in banking sphere for several years at role of software engineer and basically spend my free time after work for game development. There, I want to show my self as product owner to enroll the business part of the game, beside to build top-notch visual solutions for a game as a developer. Better to say I'm working with both front-end and back-end part, with design of user interface and project management. What you will get if enjoy development? – Of course international experience, portfolio, knowledge; – Your own game and money at the end of development as shared revenue between all of team mates; – Team and partners who will help you in building your ideas in real; – Use last top-notch techs such as machine learning, did you ever dream to build killing machines? You are welcome. – Chance to get your own place in game studio if project will succeed. Contacts Skype: AndyTyurin Email: Thanks for reading, sorry for mistakes, I'm not native speaker. Hope you deals are going well, continue to have a nice day!
  10. AndyTyurin

    I'm a Developer and want collaborators

    Greetings bizu82, I have working on project of 2.5D multiplayer browser space game. If you interesting in, write me to skype: AndyTyurin Thanks!
  11. AndyTyurin

    Looking for javascript developer

    Hi Joncom! As a first, thanks for your respond. It's very simple multiplayer game with matches available to play. Each match has estimation time and there red and blue teams which should have more or 3 as a maximum goals to win. All actions proceeding in space without any real graphics, only primitives such as rectangles, circles and triangles. Additionally, there would be some particles, but without any complexity. All that you need to start game, input your name and push 'start' game. Server will connect you to one of available mathes where you will wait for opponents. There are different modes to play 1 vs 1 to 5 vs 5. You can invite friends to play by sharing the link of your match. Player as I have expecting would be a circle and at start he will be spawned near his team's gate. The ball will be spawned in center of map. After time countdown, you should reach the ball and push it to enemy gates by using or mouse and keyboard controllers. To push ball you should press 'space'. It will make impulse to ball, which will make it move to specific direction. The game has physics, but not real as in space, only x + dx - damping.
  12. Hello visitor! I'm looking for skilled javascript developer to build small web game for 2 weeks with me. My main goal to get know more about pixi.js by doing valuable project for estimated time. What you will get at the end of development? You can share game with others, it will be your own portfolio; You can stay with me for next 2 weeks to monetize the game to get revenue from advertising. I will share 50% with you; If you not familiar with pixi.js, you will get experience by doing real project and you will spend only 2 weeks to get results; You will meet good guy (me :)), we can collaborate to do next projects which will give you money. Who am I? My name is Andy Tyurin. I'm working in banking sphere in a role of front-end team leader. I spend my free time by working with my own 2.5D game engine which is written on Dart. I'd like to build games, but I haven't got any real games to show, which can be described as a problem for me, but I did a lot of examples build on top of three.js, lwjgl (java). Except the fact, that I'm Dart enthysiast, I'd like to work with other languages such as javascript, node.js and java. Which tech stack I want to use by doing this game? Pixi.js as rendering engine to build 2D game; KOA framework to build REST, websocket server (node.js); React to make UI components. What about project, any other information? The game is called as "Space football". I will glad to tell you more, please contact first by skype: AndyTyurin Kind regards!
  13. Hi! I have same situation, big experience in development and want to increase artist skills, basically in 2d graphics. Was web-designer in past, but it's not fair enough to draw game elements. If you are still searching for colloboration, let me know.