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  1. Hello! In my job i am programming database tools, but i never had to do with game development. I know about some basic game concepts like Game-Loops with global variables, but never had asked myself how-to realize the graphics in a 2D-Game with some small game physic features. So i made a small game concept (see attachment). 1) I want to have a beer throughing person, that throughs a beer with speed dependend on how long a button was clicked. 2) When the button is released the arm of the person moves and throughs the beer to the right side. 3.) During the beer flies, the camera follows the beer (see Scrolling are in the game concept). 4.) In the last step, the beer falls down to a trampoline, and kips directly into the mouth of a beer drinker on the right side if the speed was correct So my first question is about how to realize the graphics: 1.) How should i realize the character and background graphics? 2.) I want that the beer runs out of the glas during it kips in the last area. Is there a special trick to make such water-like animation? 3.) Should i use different layers for the characters? I hope i can get some hints from experienced developers and sorry for my newbee questions. With best regards, Bjoern