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  1. Yashko

    Change picture of sprite

    How to change image of sprite?
  2. Yashko

    Add simple text

    Okay, i found solution, downloaded "Panda Engine 2 Playground", copied files from there and copied code, works fine ;d
  3. Yashko

    Add simple text

    Hello guys, how to add text to scene? And make it fixed to sprite? I looked in docs on pandajs site, but cant find any examples. I dont need to use my own font, just any simple font
  4. Yashko

    Simple MMO game example

    yes, i know that. main problem for me - draw graphics.
  5. Yashko

    Simple MMO game example

    First im looking for client + server side with graphics engine. now im found: https://github.com/qkdreyer/codinweek-mmo - but this is not simple, a lot of bad code and i cant get logic of this code https://github.com/arcanous/phaser-mmorpg - this looks better, but i dont dive in code yet
  6. Yashko

    Simple MMO game example

    do you have some simpler?
  7. Yashko

    Simple MMO game example

    Hi, im new to Phaser. Looking for an GOOD example of simple MMO game. Do you know where i can find it? Thank you