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    Reusing elements

    yes you can easily do it with Phaser using state here is a very helpful tutorial about this
  2. have you tried; ?
  3. shohan4556

    How to create a Phaser project with bower ?

    Thanks all now I understand.
  4. I have seen that Phaser developers using to manage their project and and build but I have no idea how to use it, what are the advantages ? Thanks.
  5. shohan4556

    Phaser with intel xdk sound problem

    Thanks for your reply, Livin' La Vida Loca
  6. shohan4556

    Phaser with intel xdk sound problem

    I have created a phaser project in intel xdk but when I run my game in emulator the sound wont play my sound files format is mp3 and ogg , frequency 44100. but when I run my game on chrome or any browser the sounds play flawlessly then why not xdk emulator ?
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    My Little Sister Can't Run This Fast

    you code is very well structured good job keep going.
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    Phaser states and JavaScript

    I am replying the 2nd question, yes everything is working fine without the param game but its not a good practice yesterday I got a problem about this and its waste my all that day here is the post link and why should you use 'prototype' ? , because in a nutshell its not instantiate your game object manytimes it only do it once, for better understand visit the link
  9. Hello guys I am new in xdk I have a little problem I know there might be a little solution, so my problem is that, I have a Menu.js file and menuButton.js file I am trying to create menuButton object but its fire up an error like Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'sprite' of undefined. my Menu.js file BasicGame.menuState = function(game){ };BasicGame.menuState.prototype = { create: function(){ ='menuBg',1,true);; this.buttons = new menuButton(game); // error this.buttons.create(); // error }, update: function(){ } }my menuButton.js file var menuButton = function(game){ // = game; // tried this not working // error - Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'add' of undefined };menuButton.prototype = { create: function(){ this.playButton =,100,'playButton'); }, update: function(){ } }the did the same formation in my Bracket editor and that was fine but in xdk it occurs error. I have tried several ways but the result is nothing. Thanks
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    unable to instantiate Phaser object in intel xdk

    Thanks man
  11. shohan4556

    Phaser with intel xdk sound problem

    I have solved this problem it was frequency I just changed the frequency to 8000 and it works.
  12. shohan4556

    Phaser with intel xdk sound problem

    I did this and not working.
  13. shohan4556

    Phaser with intel xdk sound problem

    I dont use crosswalk It build apk with large size. I have used here cordova
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    Some noob questions on Phaser Sandbox

    answer : 1. you cant export game as a zip file but you can play game in the site (forever). 2. yes 3. yse
  15. if you want to animate frame from 5-10 frame(assume that your spritesheet have 1 to 10 frames) then try something like this myanimations.add('heroRun',[4,5,6,7,8],true); // frame start from'heroRun');
  16. I am currently working on this project its 60% completed hope I will finished this soon .
  17. shohan4556

    How to set loading bar with percentage in Phaser ?

    what I did inside my update method. // after creating text in create methodmytext.text = 'loading'+game.load.progress;but It says always zero. no change any idea.
  18. shohan4556

    Get random dead sprite from a group

    var dead = Phaser.ArrayUtils.getRandomItem(this.fruitsGroup.filter(function(e){ return !e.alive; }));How about this ? what I try something mysprite = dead.revive(); to revive the dead sprite, it occurs error says Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property. 'revive' of null
  19. shohan4556

    Need contributors to my Github project

    I cant understand what kind of game you want to make. It will be better if you add the game desing of your game in wiki .
  20. shohan4556

    Need contributors to my Github project

    would you mind If I create pull request for your game ?
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    [Guide] Phaser auto completion in Atom with tern-phaser

    Cool man I have followed this way and its works fine , thanks
  22. shohan4556

    [Guide] Phaser auto completion in Atom with tern-phaser

    I have followed the procedure you posted here but I have encountered an error like atom-ternjs Failed to find plugin phaser
  23. shohan4556

    Circle timer

    This is COOL man, I just forked it , Thanks for sharing
  24. shohan4556

    Set body of all group sprites?

    questnpcGroup = game.add.physicsGroup(Phaser.Physics.ARCADE);questnpcGroup.createMultiple(10,'mysprite',null,false);questnpcGroup.setAll('body.setSize','body',70,70,0,0);I usally follow this way. after doing this you cant debug questnpcGroup body because group has not any body.