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  1. leandrop20

    particle editor for pandajs v 1.0

    sorry. https://github.com/leandrop20/particle-editor-for-pandajs tested on pandajs 1.2
  2. leandrop20

    spine or dragonbones in panda 2?

    Thanks Enpu. However, we have a problem. The Loader inject in spine plugin, it wait a json in line 2649: var json = this.super(filePath, callback, request); but this won't happen, cause there is a conflict between sync x async the json wait a sync value, when json should wait from callback for next action. the function in super should return the json loaded. what do you think? can you help us. Thanks Enpu.
  3. leandrop20

    spine or dragonbones in panda 2?

    Hi E. spine or dragonbones work in panda 2? thanks for your awesome job!