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  1. PeterZhou

    Re-program Flash games into HTML5

    Hi Ian Royle, I am a professional convertor from flash to html5. One month ago, I completed the conversion of your example. I give you some screenshots. If you are interested in my job, please reach to here:
  2. Hi, I am an professional convertor from flash to html5. Recently, I did a lot of conversion jobs using Toolkit for CreateJS. Please view the below links: In addition, I develop some way to solve the features that are not possible with CreateJS. So I expect to discuss the project with you in detail. Best Regards, Peter Zhou email:
  3. I am a professional convertor from flash to html5 or pdf. Please view two examples of conversion at the link: Contact me with the email: Peter Zhou
  4. Hey Chrism, I have completed the conversion of MA_GBR_1100Ax0200.swf to html5. If you need it, please contact with me via email: Best regards, Peter Zhou
  5. Hi, I am a convertor of flash to html5 or pdf. I can convert your flash games to html5 via the CreateJS. Please view a sample of flash conversion that is at link: I hope you pass a flash game to me, I will give a good solution. My email: Peter Zhou
  6. PeterZhou

    Flash to HTML5 Game Developer

    Hi, I am a convertor of flash to html5 or pdf, and right now I am converting a few flash games to html5. Please view the recent samples at My email: Best Regards, Peter Zhou
  7. Hey Chrism, I want to know if you go on this project. I have completed the near half of conversion for 1100RAx0200.swf. If you need it, I will complete the rest conversion. Best regards, Peter Zhou
  8. PeterZhou

    eLearning Mini Games

    It sounds very good! I am convertor of flash to html5 and pdf. Right now I am converting a complex flash game(including more than 3000 lines codes, a few swfs ) to html5. I think your eLearning game is not harder than my project. I also attach an eLearing sample(only screenshot, because of size up to 500MB) which I just complete two weeks ago. If you need the full sample, I can email to you asap. Best regards, Peter Zhou