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  1. Hi... Does anyone have any nice workflow suggestions for setting camera positions in Blender scene and loading scene into babylon.js? I am curious whether it is better to set camera positions in code or define their positions in the blender scene. To me it makes sense to position them in blender, but I am curious if there are any "gotchas" or recommendations.. Cheers, Nathan
  2. Cool - thanks.. I'll have a play with that. To me it seems that I might get more bang for my buck when it comes to avatar creation by using bone scaling rather than morph targets... Or do you think a bit of both is the best approach?
  3. Any ideas why this demo isn't working anymore? I hit "bigger head" and it caves the head into the body...
  4. Hi - thanks for the response. Looks good to me. Have you discovered any limitations to this process yet?
  5. Hi all, I realise its been a couple years since this was posted - just wondering what the current state of play is in regards to the original post? I am researching whether babylon.js will allow me to load my character model and apply different animations to it based on user interaction.. Cheers..
  6. Hi there, Trying to make my game have a full screen option and I have found it easy enough to start full screen mode and I have started with scale mode SHOW_ALL. When I drag an element in full screen mode the x position of the sprite is still in non scaled mode. I have found that I need to multiply it by game.scale.scaleFactor to get the correct value which seems to be correct. Am I doing this right or should I be looking elsewhere for a more reliable value? Thanks, nathan
  7. Hi everyone - thanks for your submissions. I will be in contact soon. I am just waiting to hear back from the client regarding budget.
  8. Thanks for your replies everyone, I will take a look at the folios and get back to you via Skype.
  9. Hi, We are looking for a phaser.js developer who can convert an existing Flash project. Initially I am looking for a project quote in Australian Dollars. Project consists of 6 levels and an opening animation. 50% of payment would be released after completing 3 levels and the remainder upon project completion. Please submit enquires to this thread and I will be in contact if your completed work is of a high standard. I will then have a Skype meeting with you to talk you through the existing project before submitting your quote. Requirements: - Conversational english - Be available on Skype while working - 2 years experience with Phaser.js or similar framework - Must have completed 2 projects for clients that are available for viewing on the Internet. Sincerely and thankyou, Nathan
  10. job has been taken - thanks for checking out the thread.
  11. Games is a generous description.. For those who are interested, contact me on Skype and i can give more details and a demo of what needs to be converted.
  12. Hi there, I am looking for a freelancer who can develop a series of HTML5 mini games based on previous Flash content. The games range from a simple "Click on the correct picture" to a "Crossword". The HTML5 content needs to match the original Flash content. The games would need to be developed as "engines" that can take a configuration file for the game. I have a budget of $1000 USD with two milestone payments of $500 USD upon completion of the first 3 games and final game. The 6 games would need to be contained within a simple menu system. It would be easiest for me to explain the existing engines via a Skype session, feel free to contact me at using the handle: lucas_wallis All the best, Nathan