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  1. Hi! I work at Gamevy, a company which has been developing Instant Win products for the last few years. We've been lucky enough to see a lot of growth over the last year. At the moment, we'd like to increase our ability to deliver by extending the capacity we have. We have a large number of games in our backlog which have been designed on paper. We're looking for teams to work with us to bring these ideas to market. The teams we're looking for will need to comprise an artist who has illustration and animation skills, as well as front end developers. The server side work for these games - the engines that will run them in the background is already done. If you'd be interested in discussing further, please get in touch, either via Skype @ danrough or LinkedIn. Thanks! Dan.
  2. Would love to talk to game development studios / teams who'd be interested in working with Gamevy. We've got a lot of fantastic ideas in our backlog, and we'd love to find some people to work on these ideas with us.

  3. Slots as you’ve never seen them... Is there anything new in slots? Is there ANYTHING that hasn’t been done? Here at Gamevy we build innovative, thrilling games that combine skill, luck and huge jackpots. And we have an idea for a completely new slots. We’re looking for a really talented designer – someone who has a deep understanding of the psychology of slots – the celebration, excitement and sense of agency, as well as having all stand-out skills in layout, animation and illustration. BUT – and this is the important bit – we’re looking for a designer who embraces new ideas, who’s maybe even a bit bored by churning out the same old thing in a different skin, no matter how pretty... How would it work? You. We’d love to see what you’ve done. Send us a link to your portfolio. If there are games you think could have been improved – tell us what they are and why.Us. Have a look at our games – that should give you an idea of our style and design expectations. http://gamevy.com/the-heistOptions. We’re looking for someone to work on this slots idea as a one-off project to begin with – but we also have design roles in-house so if we like each other then there are options to become permanent.Home. We have teams in London, Spain and Poland – so if you’re based anywhere in Europe, that should be fine! If this sounds interesting, get in touch - connect with me on LinkedIn here: http://linkedin.com/in/danrough or tweet at me here: http://twitter.com/danrough. (Ooo - one more thing, please, no agencies - we're a start up; we can't afford you. If you read this, ignore it and still call me ask yourself how it will look. How much confidence will I have that if I were to work with you, you'd pay any attention to the requirements I do have...)
  4. Hi there, My name is Dan and I work for Gamevy. I've posted looking for a team on here before and I had a fantastic response. We're going to be starting work with one of the companies that responded next week. I'm hoping that this forum will turn up with the goods again! Gamevy is just over 2 years old. We're working to bring television gameshows online. In the two years that we've been running we've won awards for being the best startup in competitions, and recently the largest independent lottery operator in Europe invested in us. We're now looking to extend our product offering. We've got our eye on how we could bring the fun that we've started to add to other games to the slots games that are out there. We've come up with what we think are some good ideas and we now want to find a team to help us deliver those. Because of the nature of the slots market, we really want to find a team that has previous experience in the space. In addition, we're want that team to be in Europe - we're happy for people to work remotely but we believe that the best way to get a project off the ground is to talk in person. We're also looking to build a lasting relationship with the team that we eventually end up working with and so it's important to us to be able to spend time building that relationship, something that again we think happens best in person. We know that we want to deliver the games using HTML. Our current games use pixi.js so if you've experience in that it would be a bonus. We'd provide all the backend work via an API. Where we'll really want to focus initially is on the design work and so you must have incredible creatives working for you - people that obsess about details! When we consider design, we're also talking about the user experience - the mechanics that a user will interact with - how the game plays out. This is the main driver behind wanting people with previous casino/slots experience there are some fantastic examples of slot games out there today, but we want to go better. We'll be wanting to take your guidance on what's essential and for you to help us build on top of the existing standard to create something amazing. Sound interesting? Then get in touch! You can find me on LinkedIn here: https://www.linkedin.com/in/danrough connect with me on there, I'd love to talk to you about the possibility of working together!
  5. Hi there, I work at Gamevy, a company that is bringing Television Gameshows to market. We're the recent winners of best startup at the ICE Conference (See here for announcement: https://www.gamcrowd.com/press/gamevy-claims-pitch-ice-crown-with-32-of-vote). Since winning the competition, we've seen significant interest in our products and we're looking to expand. We've got some ideas that we've worked up internally which we really want to progress, but with all the demand we're seeing elsewhere we don't have the capacity. I'd really like to speak with companies that have experience in delivering games, preferably in the real money space, who offer development services. I'm on LinkedIn here: https://www.linkedin.com/in/danrough please connect and message me there. Thanks, Dan.