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  1. jorbascrumps

    Take a screenshot to hide the change of state

    RenderTexture is definitely the way to go. Checkout this labs example.
  2. jorbascrumps

    How to create ladders (with Matter)?

    Thanks for offering to help, I appreciate it. Honestly, I think this can be considered resolved. I'd still love to hear anyone else's approach, though.
  3. jorbascrumps

    How to create ladders (with Matter)?

    The biggest mistake I made was applying force instead of setting velocity. Once I did that, the sliding stopped. It still doesn't feel quite right when I play test it, but I'll tweak it. The overlap detection you mentioned, is that available in Matter or just Arcade?
  4. jorbascrumps

    How to create ladders (with Matter)?

    Hi all, I'm looking for some advice/ pointers on how to best go about creating ladders with Matter physics. At the moment, I'm adding a sensor for each ladder tile and then setting a flag on collision. If the player has this flag set and presses up (or down), I apply a force to the body in the desired direction. It doesn't feel like a very robust solution and the player tends to slide around. Is there a better way to handle this? Thanks
  5. jorbascrumps


    Very cool, rex!
  6. jorbascrumps

    How to listen on mouse wheel event?

    You're welcome. Checkout the notifications settings in the header or select to be notified of replies when you start a topic/ reply to one.
  7. jorbascrumps

    How to listen on mouse wheel event?

    This isn't currently supported as discussed here and here. As for documentation, I don't think anyone will deny that it's incomplete but there are plenty of resources available in the labs, Slack, Discord, and right here on the forums.
  8. Hi all, I've been working on a multiplayer strategy game with Phaser for a while now and I need to do some pathfinding calculations. I've been using this project for the longest time but it's no longer meeting my requirements for this project (namely, actively or recently maintained, usable in Node, and synchronous). Does anyone have any recommendations? I've come across the following packages: - Abandoned; doesn't work in Node - Promising, but abandoned; browser bundle not included on npm - Abandoned; currently conflicting with my build process so I can't test yet Thanks!
  9. jorbascrumps

    separate player logic in to it's own class

    I tend to create a new class that extends `Sprite` and attach whatever extra functionality I need.
  10. jorbascrumps

    Looking for info on Lighting

    Ultimately I'd like to setup some lighting effects on my Tilemap. Understanding this is a lofty goal I'd settle for some really solid examples on simple lighting to get me started. I've seen this article which seems really straightforward but I can't seem to replicate in my game. I'm wondering if it has anything to do with me using Impact? Seems unlikely.. Any pointers in the right direction are very much appreciated. EDIT: I've got a light working on a single Sprite now. Attempting to hack my way around a Tilemap with a similar technique.
  11. jorbascrumps

    adding sprite from the result of a server emit

    I would recommend this instead: socket.on('newSprites', addSprites.bind(this));
  12. jorbascrumps

    Generic platformer + ES6 / Webpack 4 boilerplate

    Currently this isn't a supported feature in v3; however, there's an open PR with some discussion around this topic so we may see it shortly in an upcoming version.
  13. jorbascrumps

    Snake Game

    I learned a lot about how to structure scenes and many other useful bits from this. Thanks for sharing!
  14. jorbascrumps

    Tutorial: loading tilemap chunks on the fly

    This is great! Thanks for sharing!
  15. I'm using `setCollisionMapFromTilemapLayer` after calling `setCollisionByProperty` on my map layer. If I stick with the tile IDs generated by Tiled then the collision map thinks they're slope blocks based on default definitions for those IDs. If I change the ID to use the value of a custom property defined in Tiled then collision works as expected but the tiles don't render because their IDs don't match what the image assets are assigned to.. Why is there a static mapping of tile IDs to slope definitions?