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  1. [Phaser]Holiday Cheer - time killer game

    Fine idea, graphics are cute. Well done.
  2. [Phaser] Santa Rush

    Hello again fellow game devs, I'm back with another game, christmas themed single button game. Check it out on the link below: https://goo.gl/FsJURd Feel free to discuss the game and what you like/dislike, I'm open to any kind of criticsm. Regards!
  3. [WIP][Phaser] They Are Everywhere!

    They Are Everywhere! Alpha is available PLAY IT ON https://goo.gl/fNWhZH Please note that it is still early WIP but you can take a look how development is moving forward. Feedback is much appreciated!
  4. [WIP][Phaser] They Are Everywhere!

    Thanks for the feedback @Kosmoon, Eveything is coming together nicely, so I hope playable demo will be ready by the end of the month. Until then stay tuned. PS No worries, your english is pretty good.
  5. This is my newest project with Phaser, 2D platformer which aims to bring the best from the present and the past in one game. Curentlly it is still WIP but you can see how the development progress is moving on. Some of you may have seen it on twitter but for those who didn't here are a few gifs: As far as tools and frameworks are concerned I'm using: Phaser - for coding Aseprite - for pixel art Tiled -for level design I'm alone working on this game, graphics, programming and design, so if you see any flaws please do not hesitate to criticize me. Cool part about being solo dev beside not having anyone to mess with my ideas is that when I get bored doing programming, I draw assets for my games, when I run out of inspirations for drawing I design levels, when get tired with that I move back to programming and so on! I hope that playable demo will be available by the end of the month. Thanks everyone for taking a look. Cheers!
  6. Kickin' It : with freestyle masters

    Amaying, simple yet addicting. I couldn't kept myself from playing just one more time.
  7. stba.io - Strike Tactics spin-off

    This is amzing, action is non-stop, crazy! Awesome work!
  8. [Phaser] Copter Rescue

    @Nicholls Thanks! @bambo Thanks for the feedback, really appreciate it. @Silverfell I think that is becouse curentlly I'm using free hosting https://profreehost.com/ and their subdomains have "trust" issues, which should be resolved very soon as I'm moving all of my games and stuff to paid hosting, if you want I can email you the link once I set everything up and running.
  9. [Phaser] Copter Rescue

    Thank you guys! There are also some new, cool gameplay features on the higher levels if you manage to reach them
  10. [Phaser] Copter Rescue

    Hello fellow game devs, I have made this game Copter Rescue in the recent few weeks, you can check it out on the this link: http://goo.gl/sCcnu2 Also contacted a few HTML5 game publisher and hoping that I will get a few offers for exclusive or non-exclusive licence, what do you think would be a fair price for a game like that? Thanks for your answers and your time. Feel free to discuss the game and what you like/dislike, I'm open to any kind of criticsm. Regards!
  11. Generate random integer problem?

    Yes! Works like a charm. Thanks!
  12. Generate random integer problem?

    Hello, I'm creating endless style game and I'm planning to reuse already existing sprites instead of creating new ones. My sprites are coming from the top moving towards the bottom of the screen, when they reach bottom I reset their position.y to 0 which brings them back to the top again, but I also wanted them to have random position.x every time they start again from the top, I called this function: obstacles.forEach(function(obstacle){if(obstacle.position.y > this.game.world.height){obstacle.position.y = 0; obstacle.position.x = this.game.rnd.between(0, this.game.world.width);}}) And after trying it out I got this error from the developers console: Is it even posibble to call this.game.rnd.between from the update? If not what is the solution for that? Thanks!
  13. [Phaser] Jelly Jump

    Hey mwiss and thanks for the feedback, it is much appreciated! Adding moving enemies seems like a really nice idea actually, maybe to add some birds flying around, I will definitely look into that. Also if there are enemies in the game it would be cool to add something like a special shield that could be brought from the store which doesn't allow you to die instantly. Cheers!
  14. [Phaser] Jelly Jump

    Another game that I have created for fun using Phaser using the free graphic packs that I got from http://dev.siligame.com/assets A simple One-Button gameplay but fun enough to keep you going on I hope. Here is the link so you can check it out. Let me know what do you guys think and how could I improve it. Thanks! http://tinyurl.com/j8gnn2s
  15. [Phaser] Gold Diving

    Thanks for the feedback! I am currently working on an explosion animation that should play once the player got hit, that should make game over to not appear that sudden. Also bubbles coming out of the back of the submarine seem like a really nice idea, I'll look into implementing that. Thanks!