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  1. pixelactivity

    Salvage - A little turn-based bullet-hell shooter

    Absolute super game! Since you post this here I played it every day I like the idea of the movement (step by step). But with every next level it is really going harder ...
  2. pixelactivity


    I played it now several times and I still have much fun. But today I played it on my laptop without a mouse. So I have to use the trackpad It can be heaven to use the keyboard for reveal a tile or mark a mine By the way, I used a ASUS Zenbook. Buttons for Left/Right-Mouse are integrated in the trackpad. A short "tap" on the trackpad invokes a "left"-Mouse-Action. That happens from time to time, if you just move the finger ...
  3. pixelactivity


  4. pixelactivity

    Roto Blaster

    What a fun! excellent
  5. pixelactivity

    [Phaser] Copter Rescue

    Wow - absolute super! I will play on to become the master of parabola
  6. One fact is, that on IOS Sound is only played by an user action. After the sound is played, you can repeat the sound like you want (collision, backgound music). That means, if you start a game by pressing a button, you play all your sounds you need in your game for just 0.0 sec (volume=0). I use webaudio for IOS.
  7. pixelactivity

    Firefighter "Krause"

    @Any_Key Shame on me! I didn't really test it on windows - I don't know why. So I download the virtual images from microsoft for IE11_WIN7 and EDGE14_WIN10 and check the key-problem. The result is, that I add a message that IE is not supported (no AudioContext) and I changed the keyboard for jumping (A,Q or 1) and extinguish fire (S,R or 2). @1pixelarmy And now you can start the game by pressing ENTER. Merry christmas and a happy new year!
  8. pixelactivity

    tourdefranz - my first game

    Here is my second game: firefighter-krause "tourdefranz"-Version 2.0. will be next ...
  9. pixelactivity

    Firefighter "Krause"

    Welcome to firefighter "Krause"! It's a simple Jump’n’Run with currently 3 easy levels. You can play it with your keyboard or on your mobile with touch/gyro. The game is decided for my 5 years old daughter, because she is really a big fan of the firefighters. "Krause" is the name of a firefighter of her first children's book of the fire-department. On the other side I'm a big fan of "Nikki & the robots" and this brought up the idea for this game. If you want, you can see this like a small tribute to Nikki. Play Firefighter "Krause" Here some infos: Frameworks: threejs for graphics/webgl Sound with Web Audio API (runs well on IOS) Change the volume by touching in the top-right corner Collision: first it will check the rect of an object. If it hits, it will calculate a pixel-collision in a hidden canvas. Missing: fullscreen on mobile, a good solution for visibility (stop playing music) I had much fun to create this game and I know that 3 levels are really not enough. There are still some ideas of moving platforms or deadly smoke in buildings ... any ideas?? I'm looking forward to get some feedback from you. How you or maybe your children like this game? I you have any questions I will answer! https://twitter.com/pixelactivityde Have much fun! Stephan
  10. pixelactivity

    [WIP] Dragon Puncher

    Mmmmh. The progressbar stops at 95% - I get an error, this file is missing: http://demonraid.com/demos/dragonPuncher/models/textures/slash.png Linux Mint (Firefox 48 / Chromium 51)
  11. pixelactivity

    small star space game

    The link is wrong. There are some useless signs.
  12. pixelactivity

    Firefighter Pinball

    Super game! The sound is super. For a pinball game I don't like, when the screen is moving. Maybe you can switch it on/off in the options?
  13. pixelactivity

    [Phaser] Cut it!

    Super. Looks like a game you can play for hours ...
  14. pixelactivity

    tourdefranz - my first game

    Hi guys, here are some small modifications: - there is a mute button (value saved in a cookie) - @soligrina: now you will stay in your "pace"-level. Only if you reload the site, you will start with 38. - on mobile: you only tap in the canvas to change the side (not necessary to tap up/down) - solve same js-errors With this post, I will finish this version (1.3) and think of a bigger version 2.0 next year
  15. pixelactivity

    Monsters Reversed -- A Mix of Tetris and Reversi

    Okay, it takes a little bit to come in, but then ... You have to find some strategy to handle the different colors and to build lines ... super I like it. After the first play there is no music anymore ??