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  1. Hello Everyone, So I am reading through the Introduction to Phaser,js Game Development book by Travis Faas and It is talking about setting up Yeoman, Bablify and a bunch of other stuff saying it will help the process and make it easier to minify and stuff with Node.js and Grunt. It really necessary? Kinda seems like a pain in the butt to do to go through all these command prompts to do it, I really dont want to sound lazy about doing it but It does seriously come off like that. Just what is the benefit and is it actually necessary? Thanks for reading, WaywardSpirit
  2. I feel dumb that it was a simple issue of uninstall and reinstall. Thanks Bruno and Matt for the replies so far it appears to be working.
  3. Hello Everyone, Thanks for reading this, I am having issues install the Yeoman scaffolding program and grunt.js. When doing npm install yo -g I run into this error. Ive installed Node.js prior to this but still having issues. Any help would be greatly appreciated, I cant afford to rip out anymore of my hair.
  4. I got a problem, any tips would be awesome because it has become my downfall consistently. Everytime I start up a tutorial or start reading one of the books I have on game dev whatever engine im using be it phaser or unity or recently unreal I start yawning like hell and become unable to focus. Im not actually tired but I just start yawning. I am really trying to learn but it gets seriously distracting and I cant help it
  5. Hello Everyone, I am trying to figure out how to count steps taken by a player when they are walking for an idle like game I want to make that revolves around steps taken to complete a mission for an android game. I am having a hard time using google to search for any direction or advice because the search results are giving me how to count frame by frame steps and such. Any advice or tips would be really appreciated. Thank you, WaywardSpirit
  6. Greetings everyone, I am looking to set up a small development environment on my android phone so I am looking for suggested applications I can install to help make some small time games for whenever I am not home or not with my laptop. Basically for when I am out and about at work or elsewhere and I have a spare few minute here and there. So far I have installed these that applications that I like Sandweb IDE I like how it manages projects, I have Phaser.js as my framework a generic Filemanager Music Creator from M12 and SpriteMaker from Rebi (Didnt put the names of the creators to promote them, just put them there since the name SpriteMaker and Music Creator seem very generic) So in closing thank you for any input given, I do appreciate people taking the time to look at this post.I am not looking to create high quality mobile html5 rpgs off my phone, just working on small time projects that I can put work into when I got several spare minutes every few hours. Thanks again, WaywardSpirit