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  1. hi, I'm wondering what approach should be taken to implement for example the hit of baseball bat, golf sticker,etc to the ball with drag input enabled and p2 physics.I do set the pointer to x,y when dragged manually but if it is dragged too fast the stick or baseball gets passed the ball and the physics of collision are not applied well. Instead of setting x,y when dragged I thought of calling moveToPoint to move point with some constant velocity but this method does not exist on p2 physics. thanks in advance
  2. lavokad

    Camera members/attributes ?

    Hi, guys thanks a lot. I'm embarrassed I didnt find the azure docs site. I was browsing here: and didn't find the member property or maybe I was just blind Thank you all for demos in the playground! iiceman, this is the diablo camera + following , cool
  3. Hi. I've just started playing with babylon.js and one of the things I'm trying to do is set the camera like in Diablo game. So, I edited one example in playground disabling attachControls, and then seting the event handler for click event, so that on every click camera is moved foward by 1. My question is: there is no member called position neither on FreeCamera class, nor on Camera, nor on Node. Where is this property then? Position is one of the parameters for contstructor, but I can't see it as a member/property of camera object/class. So why does this work at all? Also, is would this be the correct way to implement this type of camera (moving it backwards/foward, right/left as the user will move the mouse to the screen edges). Edited playground example Thanks a lot in advance!