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  1. For instance, I don't know how to get a node from a hierachy from another node via script. in unity you use GameObject.Find Here should be something like gc.Node.find accord to the api but it does not work
  2. I'm trying to use it right now. Using a Unity Model has a big plus,but more documentation is needed - Examples are kind of useless because i had to download projects so i could understand something, and some of them are detected as virus (LOL) so i couldn't view at them. As with unity, documentation for scripting and for Editor options are NEEDED asap. - I recommend to use it with a external js editor. Internal editor is good but slow and inefficient for alt tab and locate issues. - It has a LOT of potential, and i am pretty sure that if Lazer would join with Phaser Editor and QICI could get a HTML5 engine that could change the Indie gamedev this year.
  3. I used Phaser Editor for Sprite and Audio Atlas generation.
  4. well. the coin need to have a p2 body? if it does you can use postbroadphase to prevent collision event if it is not necessary you could use sprite.overlap method on the coin
  5. why do you use arcade collide if player and coin are using p2 physics?
  6. DonFrag

    Shader chain

    No info for shaders?
  7. Try overlap using overlap functiĆ³n of sprite class.or rectangle
  8. DonFrag

    Shader chain Did you check this?
  9. I'm thinking this: using tiled you can put objects at certain positions with the propertie trigger and bomb by example. then in phaser you load all objects from tilemap. now you have a list with triggers, their position and what kind of sprite or elment you should put. like 'Bomb'.
  10. could you try this? update: function() { if(this.dragStarted) { //some code var key = // smth happens; // some code this.checkOverlapWeaponInHold(key); }},checkOverlapWeaponInHold: function(holdKey) { var weapons = this.itemsObject.items; if(weapons[holdKey] != null) {console.log(weapons[holdKey].item);console.log(this.draggingElement); if(weapons[holdKey].item != null && weapons[holdKey].item.type == 'weapon' && this.draggingElement.overlap(weapons[holdKey].item) { this.weaponInHoldOveredKey = holdKey; } } },and check in both console logs: 1-both ARE sprites 2-the value of weapons[holdKey].item.type
  11. looks like i was not clear enough.can you show code where you use this method?
  12. we don't know what are you passing to checkOverlap Method
  13. DonFrag

    Limit car to roads

    like Cudabear said, it depends of how do you build your road it's how could implement collision check.
  14. a dirty way: littera create two files: fnt and png. open png with a image editor and apply a an pixelated effect to it