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  1. Thank you very much for playing! >>probably a 1/100000 issue It happens about 1/50. If could solve it by changing how the ball lane anti-jammer works but I decided to leave as it is. Similar things do happen in the real machines >>I paid out the entire lot, then started it back up but was left with less. Is there a credit limit of 220? I feel like the casino robbed me There is no credit limit. For getting 20 balls you need to consume 50 credits. For "payout" 1 ball is exchanged for 1 credit. It seems to be "rip-off" but deciding the credit value weight is also another difficult issue. If you can get credits too easily, it becomes inflated meaning each credit values less and less. if it is too difficult to get credits, the game credit system does not simply work. I adjusted the plunger (ball launcher) so that you can launch balls more rapidly. Please refresh reload and try : press start button twice to get 40 balls in the beginning. Use space button to shoot balls every 0.4 second continually (I could make it shorter but making it too short causes another problem of balls clogging everywhere). You should be able to win more balls than before. (FYI, you can use the same credit in other games at which works like game center tokens.)
  2. @totor Thank you for feedback! The gpu on mine was recently "blacklisted" by Chrome web browser but enabled by option. The mac was recalled and sent to repair last year. I am always using this computer with a fear of the last day to come at any moment. But it still works so far >> hammer and launch lots of balls in a quick time, It is possible and really fun to launch many balls at once. It is disabled on purpose because it makes the game too easy. The game is meant to be a recreation of a really old machine. I should be able to make it fun with a lot of balls launched at once if I change the layout and other designs. >>pachinko Yes I agree!
  3. Thank you for trying. I am using Three.Js library for the game. I have tried optimization but it does not seem to be enough. I have developed the game on Macbook Pro 15' Early 2011 with AMD Radeon HD 6750M. The fan is relatively loud but not much when the game is running. Of course the game starts lagging and the fan runs so loud when there are other intensive tasks running in the background. Tested in Chrome, Safari and Firefox running on MacOS 10.12.5. Do you mind sharing information of your PC environment? And approximate room temperature at that time. Thank you!
  4. This game is now open source: Title: BeFive Smart Ball Platforms: Browser with WebGL enabled. Game Link: Instruction Card: Description: This is a 3D video game version of an old game machines based on pinball. Press start button to dispense balls. Click on the white button and hold until the button turns to green. If you release the button when the green light is on, a ball is launched. Please try using SPACE BAR to shoot balls which is easier than using mouse button. When your balls fall in any of those holes, you are rewarded with a certain number of balls. Game tips: Exchange a number of balls at a time, then keep on shooting as fast as possible to increase your chance of winning balls. Keyboard shortcuts. SPACE BAR: shoot a ball. P: Payout. S: Start. F: Full screen. C: Reset camera position. T: toggle control panel. Additional notes: This game uses Oimo.js (for physics engine) and Three.js (3D rendering). This is my 4th html5 game to publish and is the first I made in 3d. Please feel free to leave feedbacks. Thank you in advance for checking the game out.
  5. Posted a game based on the script:
  6. Hello, I would like to share a game I made last week based on this example code. Made with phaser js and the full source code is available at git hub: Online Demo site can be found at: Feedback greatly appreciated! How to Play:
  7. Uploaded online demo at:
  8. @Alexalten Thank you @Nesh108 Yes I think that it is a good idea! I am making a small update to the script. Will post a message here once it is online.
  9. Hi everyone! I uploaded a sample Phaser JS script of roulette with a hope that someone will find it useful. This Phaser JS script demonstartes a solution to show roulette that rotates and stops at a random position. Needle ticks with animation and sound as the roulette spins. The script itself could be rewritten into a really simple code and should be able to be integrate into any game at ease. You could use it for a simple game, a small lottery in your game, board games etc. (The code is totally a mess. Pardon my lousy coding manner.) Thank you for reading!
  10. This is a demonstration video for a web game based on a traditional Japanese gambling game, Cho-Han.The game can be played at Any comments highly appreciated. Thank you!
  11. @breed Thank you! That is really easy. I do not need any calculations by using the method. That single line takes care of the rest. All I have to do is to place the tiles in order.
  12. @samid737 Thank you for sharing your insight
  13. Sorry if I understood incorrectly. excerpt code from my game: can it be a hint?
  14. Thank you!
  15. Hello Thank you very much for checking out! >>reels will stop and don't align properly Could you please explain further? Perhaps it looks like this? I would really like to know if there is anything confusing so that I can improve the design skill. Thank you in advance! I just updated the page. Please clear cache: