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  1. Its giving some x,y,z values. with respect to which coordinate system its giving values ? world coordinate or local coordinate system.
  2. Not center of mesh. Position of mesh with respect to world coordinates and local coordinates
  3. Hi guys I want to get the current position of mesh after rotating it by some angle. Help me out
  4. Hi guys Is there any way to rotate object local coordinates with respect to world coordinates when that object is rotated with respect to world coordinate ?
  5. I have same doubt. If supported how ?
  6. I tried your code. Its shifting mesh position to another position.
  7. HI guys I have one more question for you guys ... I have a scene created in blender and consists of different meshes. Each mesh has child-of constraint which i have added. When this scene is exported to .babylon file and used, there is no parent-child constraint preserved. Do I add this constraint separately or is there any way to use this constraint from blender ? If I have to add the constraint separately then how ?
  8. Hi guys, I have problem with babylon.sceneloader.importmesh. I tried importing mesh from .babylon file. Its importing correctly. but the problem is the callback in importmesh function is called twice.because of this i got meshes. I need to call the callback only once. Help me out, Note: This is happening only in windows store app. Not in any other application.