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  1. Budda

    Scaling the game to fit inner window

    A new Scale Manager is Coming to v3 in a future (soon) release I believe I read somewhere.
  2. There's a possible suggested solution to a similar issue on https://stackoverflow.com/questions/36385665/phonegap-cordova-black-status-bar-on-bottom-after-fullscreen
  3. Budda

    [Phaser] Treasure Hunter

    Never seen this game before - awsome - just played it over and over until completed! Do agree that it shares a LOT of similarities with Treasure Hunter, but ah well.
  4. Budda

    Finding a Sprites Group

    I've built some Tetris like blocks using multiple sprites - and then grouped them. I used the group setAll() to add input events to each sprite. When a sprite is clicked i receive the event, but i'd like to act on all other Sprites in the same group. I cannot seem to find a way of working out what group my clicked Sprite is in though. If I cannot find the group from the clicked sprite -- is there a different way to group these block arrangements and receive their click to then delete the whole shape ?
  5. Budda

    Text box and other UI elements in Phaser

    Did you come up with a solution to your scaling question since posting ?
  6. Budda

    how to use ajax in phaser?

    Rather than dragging the huge jQuery lib in for something as small as ajax I used the Zepto.js library which you can hand pick what jQuery compatible functions you want in it! Perfect for keeping your games lean. http://zeptojs.com/
  7. Budda

    We all need market.phaser.io like Ionic Team!

    The Ionic marketplace is for both free and paid for work. It offers a nice central place to browse whats available in a consistent format. As MichaelD said at present things seem to be scattered across Github and forums. Could force contributors to only submit Github/BitBucket links for things to cut down the admin and hosting hassles. Use Disqus for comments and ratings of each submitted item maybe. Make it all items are free for now, and possibly use gumroad to charge for items later ?
  8. Budda

    States overlaying states

    Just got to page 75 and found the answer was in the mystery boolean flag to be discussed later. So yes 'clearWorld' does the magic.
  9. Budda

    States overlaying states

    Having read through the excellent StateManager guide in the first issue of Interphase magazine I was left with a few questions in my head. It's suggested a whole state might be used to represent an in-game weapon/item shop. If this was done is there a way to have one state open up on top of the previous running state to maintain the background in some way? Just thinking that weapon shops often open as an overlay on a game (can't think of examples in my head of hand right now) If not - is grabbing the canvas buffer before switch states a better way to use as a background for the new state ?
  10. Budda

    GUI library options

    Wow spinning input boxes - i'm impressed!
  11. Budda

    GUI library options

    I need to provide the user with the ability to enter some text, click a button, execute an API call, and show the results on the screen. What are the options for some sort of user interface UI library to do the above, or am i better off doing it directly in Phaser? I tried EZGUI but it's a little confusing and bits are buggy at present (i've reported things in the issue queue to help). Any other alternatives I should check out ?
  12. Budda

    Determining image MIME type from Loader

    If the image loaded in is a jpeg i run an RGB scan over its pixels and make white ones transparent. if it's a PNG image i don't.
  13. Budda

    Determining image MIME type from Loader

    I checked the structure of the BitMap and found imagedata but it only had data, width, height in it. The data array just had, well, data in it but nothing in the first bytes other than '0's.
  14. Budda

    load json from server with ajax

    http://phaser.io/examples/v2/loader/load-json-file is probably a start. However it appears http://phaser.io/docs/2.4.2/Phaser.Loader.html#json only does get requests, and no POST back for item 5 in your list.
  15. It seems that the RGB colour object always returns r=0 g=0 b=0 no matter what pixel is being processed in the callback. So I put the this.bmd.update(); back in as suggested and now the RGB is coming back correct. However Safari still didn't work. So I tried in Chrome and it worked fine! Went back to Safari and now it works there. Go figure....