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  1. oh very nicely done, so if it the concept works with Box2D, then it should work with p2 as well right? Please correct me if I am wrong, but as player moves mouse you spawning circles to create your line, and since its just a circle you can just have a collider to it. While it works great in your scenario since you are only using them as collider, but what if like the happy glass game you have to give other effects like gravity, let it move because of a collision etc. Can you please suggest something that we can do to make it work that way? Thanks a lot for your help
  2. Hi, is the game live, can I see it please? Also if its okay with you, can you please share your code where you use physical circles and rectangles. Thanks
  3. Hi, So guys I am trying to understand how this game, can be done in Phaser. In this game, you can draw a line (can be curved) and once you finish drawing, it gets a physics body which has a perfect collision. I dont think I can do this in arcade physics but in p2 physics also its seems impossible because there is no way to do a predetermined shape. What else can be done to implement such feature? Thanks Vivek
  4. even I am trying to use arabic, as far as I can see that it goes beserk when we have line breaks either via \n or wordWrap, so I temporary got it working by doing like this: "اجمعوا الطرود لتحصلوا" + "\n" + "على خصم حتى" + "\n" + "50 NIS" if you keep english and arabic and \n text separate and connect them using + it works fine.
  5. Hello guys, I got some excellent response last time. We have one more positioned opened up for same work above. Please email to me if you are interested. Thanks Vivek
  6. Our team is looking for experienced HTML5 developers who are able to join our team immediately as remote freelancers. Duties will range from creating mini games, to full HTML5 games (using Phaser). With this in mind, we need a developer who is dedicated, hard working, extremely knowledgeable and who takes pride in his or her product. The position will start with a few simple minigame projects, and has plenty of room to grow for the right candidate into more work, including full html5 games, conversions and more. Payments are flexible and can be made in fixed, hourly or salary methods. Please note that first we will do a test work with you which will be a fixed pay job. Afterwards we can move to whichever method you would like. Good English speaking and communication is needed so that there is no communication failures. You may be asked to work in some, or all of the following areas. Please note that you do not have to have experience in all of the areas, and that is ok! However, Phaser knowledge is a must. We do not mind people with less experience, they are welcome to apply. Slack: With all projects, we do require a very open communication dialogue. We use Slack for our team conversations. HTML5: You will be converting and/or creating HTML5 games for mobile, tablet, and all platforms. Git Repository: Experience with GIT is a plus, but can train for this. Phaser: Phaser knowledge is a must! You should demonstrate a mastery with all of it’s features, and have titles in your portfolio using the framework. Our games are very small and simple. You will be provided with all the assets and straightforward logic of what has to be done. We concentrate on polish such as tweens, particles and little details that give life to each game. Having an eye for game design and well polished end results are critical! (We can help you achieve it). Once applied, I can explain it to you on what exactly we want here by showing you samples. The three biggest things we look for are excellent communication skills, the ability to not only develop exactly what is given to you, but also contribute new ideas and creative thinking, and finally timeliness. Its absolutely needed that work is always completed on time. Please mention your time zone when applying for the job. Please only apply if you are 100% sure that you can dedicate the time towards it. Please submit your portfolio and hourly wage requirements to jobs by mailing to vivekagrawal57 [at], thanks!
  7. Hello, I am creating a tilesprite, but its causing black lines to appear right at edges, i have ensured that when used as just sprite there is no black line, i have tried adding extra padding in texture packer didnt, work, tried making the tilesprite size in PoT didnt work. Can anyone suggest anything else I can do? Thanks
  8. Hello, I am making a multiplayer card game in phaser, the game is targeted for web as well as packaged for iOS and android using Now my problem is suppose a player minimizes/tabs the game on browser or minimizes the app then it doesnt affects others, since he is just same as not taking actions so he will either fold or check when timed out, but the problem is when he maximizes again, all the animations (tweens) that were pending, like some1 betting or players drawing cards, or chips going to winner, all of them play at once. I am not sure how to procede from here. Is there a way to let the app execute the tweens to sprites even when minimized. Also I want to know how to find out when the exported app minimizes, i tried adding listener to onPause and onResume, it works fine on browsers but doesnt on exported cocoonjs app. Thanks
  9. ah thats really useful information, so besides Photon do you know any others? I found out there is SmartFoxServer, anything else? and any that you have used and found to be good? any pros and cons or suggestions you might have, I would love to hear. Thanks
  10. oh i see, so with EC2 i cant use it to to communication like firebase can thanks for all the help
  11. thanks for the replies, the people I work with might not agree to having to run it somewhere so if the remains the case, firebase is my only option? i have heard that amazon has something called amazon ec2, also some1 told me about parse. any ideas which might be better? anything you might know? Thanks
  12. I understand what you are saying but if use then I have to keep running the server file on command line on server right? meaning i will need shell access right?
  13. Hello Guys, I am developing a html5 based mobile game, multiplayer. It will be a simple card game with lobby etc. I was wondering if Phaser is the right choice to develop the game or something else will be better for this purpose. As for multiplayer part i need to know which is a good service I can use out there. I need a service. I have heard that firebase is good, but i am not sure if it will be the best choice for this kind of game. Any suggestions for both front end and the server part are welcome. Thanks
  14. well i am not bothered about that, it was a sample project to test for babylon export, new assets will be created for the new project, so i will just create them after adding babylon plugin
  15. wow it worked in an empty project, isnt that a bit weird?