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  1. In this code here, on the 1st frame of the animation the mesh being animated instantly jumps to the location at the end of the animation, then the next frame it goes back to frame2 at the interpolated location. Any ideas? let unit = selectedUnits[i] // use pythagoras to work out the realtive speed for the units to arrive at roughly the same time let distance = Math.sqrt(Math.pow(pickResult.x - unit.mesh.position.x, 2) + Math.pow(pickResult.z - unit.mesh.position.z, 2)) let framesNeeded = Math.round((distance / common.MEDIUM_SPEED) * common.ANIMATIONS_FPS) // console.log('dist: ' + distance + ' frames' + framesNeeded) let animationBezierTorus = new BABYLON.Animation('animationCore', 'position', common.ANIMATIONS_FPS, BABYLON.Animation.ANIMATIONTYPE_VECTOR3, BABYLON.Animation.ANIMATIONLOOPMODE_CONSTANT) let keysBezierTorus = [] keysBezierTorus.push({ frame: 0, value: unit.mesh.position }) keysBezierTorus.push({ frame: framesNeeded, value: unit.mesh.position = formation[i] }) animationBezierTorus.setKeys(keysBezierTorus) unit.mesh.animations.push(animationBezierTorus) this.scene.beginAnimation(unit.mesh, 0, framesNeeded, true) // todo move animation to server side You can see this effect by trying to move any of the blue spheres:
  2. Cool updating to 3.0, hold on to your hats!
  3. Quick Tips for the Solo Game Developer

    game servers
  4. Quick Tips for the Solo Game Developer

    How can I get people to sponsor my servers?
  5. NEW babylonjs RTS game dev video!

    Yeah it's been a while but here it is!
  6. RTS HTML Canvas unit selection rectangle not drawing

    Basically its because I'm using canvas width 100%, canvas prefers actual pixel values.
  7. RTS HTML Canvas unit selection rectangle not drawing

    Found the issue My rectangle was been drawn offscreen due to the x,y value been inflated somehow.
  8. If you run this project on webpack --watch --watch-poll mode then it first compiles fine. However if I make any change, the next compilation gives this error, but the app still works and is updated. Any ideas?
  9. Need adventure game engine/example

    yeah do it on your own dude.
  10. How to Encrypt JavaScript Code?

    Or just make it open source.
  11. Basically after this line runs, I expect a rectangle to be drawn on screen However I see no rectangle drawn to screen, even though the code seems to run fine, any ideas? No issue with z-indexes.
  12. Importing Canvas2D to project

    I just use a vanilla Canvas so I don't need to depend on babylon.
  13. Email notifications never work on this forum.

    Ok, for me this is the only forum that doesn't work. (
  14. I basically need to host a Node app that updates the clients with world variables. You will get full credits when I make videos on this popular topic: