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  1. Are the objects on the shelf grouped? I've found that the anchor points of objects in groups must be rotated (0,0,0). And the group as well.
  2. FBX Importer...

    I totally missed your previous response. But it was a while back. And if you're still recovering, It's probably wise to listen to your girlfriend ;-) Hope you will feel better soon. And glad to hear that you're still working on it! thanks!
  3. FBX Importer...

    Hi, I'm very curious about the progress of your FBX importer. Is there any news? thanks!
  4. I tried to create these kind of labels. But this is much better. Thank you!
  5. Combining multiple layers of textures

    Hey there, I would really like to understand/ use this. But I'm not sure how. There's no info on 'ShaderMaterialHelper' or ' ShaderBuider' in the documentation. It would be great to have 2 materials combined using an alpha channel. Has anybody tried? :-) Floris
  6. Hi Marc, i'm a cinema 4d user (and would love to see an exporter as well.. Or have fbx exporter read the materials from c4d export.) but meanwhile I have a few approaches. (And I have tried all) The best way to get a model with materials into blender is using collada. If you use max, use collada as well (2014 export, not 2015). The fbx export from c4d will support the materials in max. But export to Babylonjs doesn't work because the materials Use an extra step (not sure what it's called. Press m and you'll see) the fbx exporter doesn't support the materials but it's better in animation (more precise) than max exporter. and with the blender exporter I haven't been able to get bones animations to work. Hope it helps.
  7. Do I have to leave babylon?

    I also work in Cinema4D. You can export to fbx and it will give you a .babylon file that supports (bones+weights) animations. The only thing that seems to go wrong is the materials. But you could set that up manually. If you don't use animation in your files, you could export to collada and use Blender as an extra step in the export proces. If you know anyone with 3DMax, you could send them a collada 1.4 (not 1.5) export. It supports everything (but groups need to be on rotation (0,0,0) or they will be wrongly rotated on export..). If you need really precise animation; export the fbx from max. The materials do work from this export and animation is more precise than the max exporter.
  8. display object from scene 1 in scene 2

    Thanks everyone for the solutions! I was buried in work this week and didn't find the time to reply. @Wingnut I don't really understand the serialise method. Unfortunately your link doesn't work anymore. Could you repost it? I'll use the method of AlbertTJames. Thanks again!!
  9. display object from scene 1 in scene 2

    hey Wingnut, thank you for your brave effort! I would have guessed that this should work. But indeed.. something is not right. I noticed that the clone has some things missing, compared to the original. One pretty important one I think is the _geometry. But there are many differences (I made screenshot to compare) I tried to specifically copy the scene.meshes[1]._geometry. But it's not working. I don't have any brilliant idea's right now.. maybe they'll come to me in the night :-)
  10. Hi, I have 2 canvasses next to eachother. I'd like to display a selected object from scene 1 in scene 2 on the other canvas. I should duplicate it into scene 2..But I don't know how to do that. Is there a way to display a mesh from a scene into another scene?
  11. Blender Exporter 5.0

    I've been trying to get the object-parent animations to work. I noticed that the parent-child relations work when only the 1st child is animated. But if a child of a child is animated, it completely loses it's position/rotation. There is still a connection to the parent but the pivot point is set to a different position/rotation.
  12. Blender newbie

    Thanks for making that clear! I made changes in the names. Renamed everything. I did have 4.61 installed.But installed blender2babylon-5.0. The file will not export.. But I see JCPalmer is working on it. So hopefully it will work in the near future.
  13. Blender newbie

    Hi Gryf, thank you very much for checking my file. Happy to hear that it's not the origins. Because they were a pain to set. The file has many parent child groups indeed. But I don't see any other way to animate a folding box without those relations. Unless there is a way to globally bake the position and rotation of all sub-objects. I've looked around on the forum and noticed that there are some remarks about a bug in the current exporter. Where the first animation track/action is placed on all objects. That would explain why the positions of all objects change. Unfortunately I don't see any solution except for creating this animation with bones. Because that seems to work. But my knowledge of Blender is not good enough. thanks again for the effort.
  14. Blender newbie

    Hi, I've been playing with BabylonJS for some time now. And upto now I always used the fbx exporter or max exporter for my babylon models/animations. But a client asked me to do a tutorial for blender. So I made an animated box in blender. But when I export it, the file completely falls apart and no animation is exported. The file that remains in blender after the export looks like what babylonjs displays. I've added the before and after export images and the .blend file and hopefully someone can help me in the right direction.= box1.blend
  15. Smoothing polygons / phong angle

    I don't know how to load an external file into the playground.. I use BABYLON.SceneLoader.ImportMesh("", "http://flomotion.nl/cloudlab/cup/assets/", "cup.babylon", scene, function (newMeshes) { // Set the target of the camera to the first imported mesh camera.target = newMeshes[0]; }); but nothing happens. It's stuck at 'loading assets..