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  1. eran

    This message in chrome

    hi. I've updated to CE 2.9.4 and still receiving this warning. Do you know which version uses setTargetAtTime?
  2. eran

    A way to tween font size?

    I was just looking to do the same myself - text with scale tween. So thanks for the thread I'm using the update loop to change the font size - would you consider it as a good solution? rich, do all tweens re-create a new canvas each time? Are tweens considered as an "expensive" operation on the browser?
  3. eran

    Pausing a Javascript game on incoming call

    Sure. I gathered the relevant parts: This is put in the create: game.onPause.add(pauseGame, game); pauseGame() - is a global function that does some things and sets - game.paused = true; The onPause is triggered when I minimize the browser on my phone, move tab on my desktop and some other cases - so I managed to get the pauseGame() function working in these case. The thing is that game.onPause.add(...) is not triggered on receiving the call. I also tried capturing the following events when call is received, using addEventListener() - onpageshow, onpagehide, onblur, onfocus, onfocusin, onfocusout, and more.. no success ;( Thank you for the interest and help!!
  4. eran

    Pausing a Javascript game on incoming call

    I tried this, also with no success. Just so we'll be on the same page - does this solution relate to the case of playing on mobile and receiving a call?
  5. eran

    Pausing a Javascript game on incoming call

    thanks. what should the actual syntax be for ""? also, I believe that the game is active, as it doesn't pause.
  6. eran

    Pausing a Javascript game on incoming call

    Thanks. Tried this with no success ;( I receive the window.onblur event in my client when pressing the home button in my iPhone, but not when a call is coming in.. It might be that the browser doesn't lose focus, or is there another event worth trying?
  7. I use game.onPause.add(myPauseFunction) but this does not detect an incoming call. I'm doing a race game in Phaser and would like to pause the race on incoming call. any idea how to get this event on Phaser / JS?
  8. eran

    Atlas: Cannot set frameName warning

    I got the same error for a specific png in my atlas made in TexturePacker. tried load.atlasJSONHash and got worse results - many other png's in the atlas got error.. is load.atlasJSONHash syntax different from load.atlas ? what do you suggest trying?
  9. eran

    iOS8 webGL poor performance.

    I also had performance issues on iPhone 5 after upgrading to iOS 8. when I disabled a TileSprite that I used a moving background the performance improved - measuring fps increase from 40+ to 55+. has anyone experienced similar behavior?