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  1. I have a spine animation in which there's a spinemesh and it is visible for certain frames only. Whenever I move the container while spinemesh is hidden then the next time it is set visible it's shown at the wrong place. If I move the container while the mesh is visible, it updates properly. In addition to moving same happens with scale and rotation at least. Using pixi 4.7.0 and latest pixi-spine. anim.autoUpdate is true.
  2. PIXI load and access JSON

    The file should be available in loader.resources[nameOfTheFile].
  3. Pixi v4 and webgl code effect

    There are at least few options on how to do that: - Create a similar effect using particleContainer. - Create a renderer plugin. - Render the effect to offscreen texture using renderer.gl context. Then use a sprite with that texture. Most likely there are other ways how to achieve that effect also.
  4. Line how in ninja friut

    I have done one fruit ninja styled mouse follower with rope. Basically how it works is like this: - Generate a rope with enough points to make it look good (I use 56 points). - Whenever mouse moves, save the coordinate. Keep previous X amount of points saved. (I found 7 to be good amount). - On render loop update the rope points to match the mouse points and apply some kind of interpolation (I'm using cubic interpolation). Interpolation makes the rope seem a lot more smoother when mouse is moved fast. - Check if points are too close to each other and hide the rope if they are. If this check is omitted, some of the lower tier devices will have odd flickering due to floating point errors. Made an example: http://pixijs.io/examples/#/demos/mouse-trail.js
  5. Pixi.js Showcase

    Game made during global game jam: https://globalgamejam.org/2018/games/here-come-humans Gameplay video: It's a multiplayer game where each player can send control signals to rockets and they have a transmission delay until rocket receives the info.
  6. set and cancel fullsreen mode in mobile.

    You should request fullscreen for the canvas instead of the document: renderer.view.requestFullScreen() In addition to that some mobile browsers do not support fullscreen.
  7. I use tweenjs with pixi. I just call Tween.tick(pixiticker.elapsedMS, paused) on pixis tickers tick. Just make sure you stop the default tweenjs ticker.
  8. Something like this? http://jsfiddle.net/hs8c61bc/1/
  9. Realtime winline effect

    http://benvanik.github.io/WebGL-Inspector/ This chrome plugin can show all gl calls. Useful in some cases at least. The plugin hasnt been updated in a long while, but basic functionality still works.
  10. Move stage pivot so that element is center

    You could just say stage.x = renderer.width/2 and stage.y = renderer.height/2. Then your stage is in center and everything under it is rendered in relation to the stage. Though I would suggest keeping the stage in 0,0 and create another container which you move to center and have graphics added under that. Makes it a lot easier to implent overlay ui for example when you dont have to do inverse calculations to get items where you want.
  11. Changing hue in multiple sprites

    I cannot share the haxe code directly, but I'll see about making a pure js solution afterwards. Havent got an invite and yeah, I use slack, so invite would be ok.
  12. Changing hue in multiple sprites

    TS is good I use haxe mainly and TS -> Haxe is much nicer to port than what js -> Haxe is. Have to check that out.
  13. I have a situation where I have about 200 sprites to which I need to change hues. Is the best way for this to create a custom renderer with default sprite shader replaced with custom one changing the hue? Another option would be to use filters, but I think that might be pretty slow? Canvas support is not needed and I cannot cache those as they have spritesheet animations -> would require lots of memory.
  14. Collision detection

    Well spotted, fixed the error to original post.
  15. PIXI sprites are blurry on mobile devices.

    Does the canvas have somekind of transform applied to it with css? That might make things look a bit blurry also.