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  1. Exca

    iOS Performance (any tips or tricks?)

    The amount of stuff should render much quicker than that. If you try just an empty render what fps you get?
  2. Exca

    iOS Performance (any tips or tricks?)

    That looks ok. The spritesheet post means that are you using a spritesheet for the images your are drawing or are they in single files? So one (or many) composite image or just lots of images with single asset in them. Having spritesheet allows the renderer to batch renders more efficiently as it doesn't need to swap the texture in use between draw calls.
  3. Exca

    iOS Performance (any tips or tricks?)

    Sorry, I didnt mean the viewport of the webgl renderer. But the meta viewport tag in the page.
  4. Exca

    iOS Performance (any tips or tricks?)

    What kind of viewport you use for apple devices on the page?
  5. Exca

    How to do 2D morphing with Pixi.js

    You have some options. 1. Create a mesh and update it's vertices. This requires uploading of vertices to gpu everytime they change. 2. Create a mesh with custom vertex shader and update the vertice positions on gpu. Fastest option. Pretty hard to do on pixi v4. 3. Create graphics object and do a clear/redraw everytime points change. This will use 2d canvas offscreen texture to draw the image using only cpu. 4. Draw svg into a texture and use that. I would suggest number 1. from that list fro 15-20 vertices. Assuming you dont need 2d canvas support. If you do, then maybe 3. There might also be some other methods that I'm not familiar with.
  6. Exca

    Change renderer antialias setting at runtime?

    One canvas can only support either 2d canvas or webgl. Not both. So if your old renderer is a canvasrenderer then you need to recreate the view also to switch to webgl. And other way round.
  7. Exca

    Change renderer antialias setting at runtime?

    The attributes given in the creation of webgl context are immutable. So you would need to create new webgl context and destroy the old one. Easiest way to do that would be something like this: var newOptions = { view: renderer.view, width: renderer.width, height:renderer.height, ...settings from your setup & default values needed... } renderer.destroy(false); renderer = PIXI.autodetectRenderer( newOptions); So basically destroy the old renderer, keep the view intact and pass it on to the next renderer.
  8. Exca

    Dealing with large background textures

    If the images are static (not moving) you could have them applied on top of canvas as static image elements (or another canvas) that gets rendered only once. That would speed up the rendering a lot if the 3 images is the case. Pixi doesn't support partial rendering regions, so the whole screen gets updated always. 30fps sounds kinda lot for 3 textures. Have you tried having just the 3 bitmaps without anything else on screen (and without any cacheasbitmaps as well) and does the fps change then?
  9. Exca

    Pixi.js Showcase

    ExeCUTE is a game made during Pocket Jam #3 in 29 hours at Pocket Gamer Connects Helsinki. Game won the first place in the best jam game category. It combines 2048 controls with match3 mechanics. Theme was "Chain reaction". Play here: http://bit.ly/ExeCUTE For more info about the jam, check https://itch.io/jam/pocket-jam-3
  10. One option would be to render parts of your graph and send them to server where you would have a script that creates the larger image from a group of smaller images.
  11. Exca

    Space warp speed effect

    Yep, for example using tweenjs it would be something like this: Tween.get(starwarp).to({speed:1}, 1000); and then just remove that speed += -line. [Edit] Assuming starwarp is an object/classlike structure containing the logic.
  12. With 2d canvas yes, with webgl I don't think so.
  13. Whole stage gets rerendered. There are few hacks how you could make partial rererenders (multiple canvases, drawing everything to single texture and then just using that etc.), but those would be worse performancewise in your application.
  14. Exca

    Space warp speed effect

    https://pixijs.io/examples/#/demos/star-warp-sprites.js Here's an example made with sprites.
  15. Interactions should not be dependant on the render-loop. Atleast my projects work properly with click & touch interactions even if I disable render loop. Do you have the broken version online somewhere?