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  1. mcolman

    Circle mask

    Hi, I want to apply a circle mask to a sprite. What's the most performant way to do so with WebGL? Alpha mask or graphics mask? I recall that graphics circles were once made up of LOTS of lineTo calls so they were never actually perfect circles and performed really bad, not sure if this has been fixed though?? Thanks!
  2. mcolman

    bitmap text and webpack

    Hi, I'm trying to use bitmap text with my webpack set up. Webpack changes the filenames of my assets which causes problems with pixi. When you load an xml file through pixi it tries to then parse bitmap text assuming that the png has the same name as the xml. In my case this is not true, so I'd like to parse the bitmap text myself (which pixi allows). But then how do I load the xml file? Again, if I use pixi it will try to do this automatically and fail (with errors). I also don't quite understand how ppl are using this automatic system that relies on the names of the xml and png being the same. If you don't hash your file names, then when you change that bitmap font, the user may grab the xml from the browser cache and load in the new png which will result in some weird looking text. So what method are you using to break the cache when you upload new assets? Maybe you can add query strings to the assets instead? Thanks!
  3. mcolman

    Manually loading bitmap fonts and images

    this is kind of relevant to the problem I'm having now. I'm trying to load bitmap text and I'm using webpack. This means that webpack changes the file names completely, so I don't want pixi to try to automatically parse bitmap text when I load the xml file. Is this possible? How are ppl currently loading the xml file in this case? Thanks!
  4. mcolman

    Matrix transformation on sprites

    oh cool! Thanks!
  5. mcolman

    Matrix transformation on sprites

    @Len you say it works perfectly but I assume it doesn't support skew right?
  6. mcolman

    Multiple Requests

    @Henity I can see that every time you open the in game menu a new event listener is added to the quitGame button. `quitGame.on('click', quitToMenu);` Your code doesn't show where you add `quitGame`, but this is basically the problem. A quick fix would be to check if the event listener exists already before you add it. Or better yet, add the event listener at the same time you create `quitGame` if possible.
  7. mcolman

    Multiple Requests

    You're probably creating a new instance of the game when you start game again, but no idea without seeing the code. Can you post the code?
  8. mcolman

    unblurry Phaser.text

    you can also set `question.autoRound = true` which will round the text position to a full pixel and hence the text won't have sub-pixel aliasing which causes the blurriness.
  9. mcolman

    unblurry Phaser.text

    anchor is a value between 0 and 1, so based on the width of the text object that would send it off screen. try `question.pivot.x = Math.round(question.width * 0.5);` instead of anchor.
  10. mcolman

    Phaser Webpack Loader Plugin

    Did you see this ? It's very similar. I like that you added support for compressed textures.
  11. mcolman

    Colors on shapes

    When you look at the docs, everything under 'Geometry' are just plain javascript objects with properties to describe shapes and helper methods. If you just want to draw a line to the canvas, then Phaser.Line is not what you're looking for. Just use the Graphics object like so: const g =, 0) g.beginFill(0xff0000) g.moveTo(100, 100) g.lineTo(200, 200) Phaser.Line is not useless, look at the docs to see what it can be useful for
  12. mcolman

    Phaser Manifest Loader

    Hi all, I have just released Phaser Manifest Loader for those using webpack. I've been using this code in production for a while now, it makes it super easy to load assets via a simple manifest. Check it out! Cheers, Matt.
  13. mcolman

    dragon bones phaser plugin

    Wow, this is seriously cool! Will definitely use it. Nice work!
  14. Really cool! You might consider just preloading the first 2-4 pages and then lazy loading the rest.
  15. mcolman

    Does Phaser have a scroll view or scrollable container?