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  1. @samid737 The player idea is a great one! i will definitely consider that. Thank you for the suggestion @ProSteveSmith Thank you for the feedback! The full release is about a year out, but I may release a couple more demos in the meantime, and if I do, I'll be sure to drop them in here.
  2. Hey yall, I just released a brief demo of Norco: Faraway Lights, a cyberpunk text adventure with a focus on the environmental and industrial histories of rural Louisiana. It features all original, lovingly rendered pixel art and an incredible soundtrack by New Orleans-based composer Gewgawly I. The demo is available for download or to play in your browser on Thoughts and feedback are appreciated!
  3. awbummer

    Gamepad Disconnection Problems

    Hey @Cyclone112 thank you for investigating this! I actually added the same fix you did to avoid the game crashing if someone unplugs the control. I really appreciate the sanity check.
  4. awbummer

    Gamepad Disconnection Problems

    @Cyclone112 good point. I'll add browser and gamepad information to the post. Unfortunately I only have one gamepad to test with but will try to get an XBOX360 controller soon. Thank you!
  5. awbummer

    Gamepad Disconnection Problems

    My Phaser.js version: `v2.6.2 "Kore Springs"` Gamepad: generic Logitech Dual Action controller OS: OSX Sierra Browser: Chrome Update: I can confirm that this also occurs with an XBOX 360 controller. Also see @Cyclone112's comments below for more troubleshooting info. I'm adding gamepad support to my current project, and am encountering the following error when disconnecting the gamepad from the USB input: Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'timestamp' of undefined at c.SinglePad.pollStatus (phaser.js:43607) at c.Gamepad.update (phaser.js:43003) at c.Gamepad.reset (phaser.js:43169) at c.Input.reset (phaser.js:37282) at c.Game.gameResumed (phaser.js:36532) at c.Stage.visibilityChange (phaser.js:31966) at HTMLDocument._onChange (phaser.js:31905) This happens regardless of whether or not I register `onDisconnectCallback` to the gamepad. May also be worth mentioning that I encounter the error when disconnecting from this example: If the Github issue tracker would be a more appropriate place for this, I can post there instead. Any recommendations for a workaround would be great. Thanks!
  6. A while back I started working on a project called "Geography of Robots," which started as a side-scrolling action game and has kind of morphed into an experimental collection of vignettes. My work on the project has been very touch and go, but I spent the past few weeks dumping a lot of love into this latest module, "Swampstar." It's a short, quiet meditation, almost like a little diorama. I built it with Phaser and thought I'd share: Thanks.
  7. It's been a while since I posted this originally, but the tool is now hosted here, if you don't feel like going through the install:
  8. Hey thanks, @Get_Bentley! That's really encouraging to hear.
  9. Hey, for folks who are interested, I just put up an extended demo of this game on This is the first game I ever created. It's a super diy hot mess. Would love constructive feedback and suggestions. Also mega thanks to the html5gamedev community. I've been lurking so hard and learning so much from yall.
  10. I was wondering the same thing, Paolo!
  11. @photonstorm Yeah, made with Phaser! The walk animation was simply added as an easter egg. Thanks for checking it out.
  12. November 2nd Update: I posted an extended demo of Geography of Robots here: Made w/ <3 & Phaser. Still very much a work in progress. Constructive feedback and general thoughts totally welcome.
  13. What's up yall. I created a dialogue generator in Angular for a game I'm developing, loosely based on the methods described in this blog post. The generator itself lives here and instructions on how to use it are available at the Github repo: The generator outputs the dialogue as a JSON string. You can also import a JSON string and it will automatically populate the forms. The repo has a sample JSON string for you to use, to see how it works. You can also test the dialogue by clicking the test button at the bottom of the page. How you decide to parse the dialogue JSON is totally up to you, but the app has a parser built in for testing to give you an idea of how it might be done. This thing has saved me tons of time, and I thought other folks may find it helpful as well. Sample image:
  14. awbummer

    Calling game.load within create

    Hey thanks for the reply! I use preload states as well. There's a good chance I'm not implementing them correctly, but this doesn't seem to reduce the overall load time experienced by the player. I'm wondering if there's a way to load assets concurrent with gameplay, while update() is actively cycling and the player has control. In pseudocode, here's what I'm trying to achieve: preloadState.preload = function(){ //load assets for state1 only; offset preload of state2 assets to state1.create()};preloadState.create = function(){ //load state1};state1.create = function(){ //use assets loaded in preloadState //begin downloading assets for state2 //load state2 when character exits bounds};state2.preload = function(){ //if assets aren't in the game's cache, load them now; otherwise do nothing}state2.create = function(){ //use assets that were loaded during gameplay in state1; or, if the character didn't hang out in state1 bounds for long enough, were loaded in state2.preload};I'm specifically trying to download and decode audio during gameplay. I attempted a workaround by preloading assets with jQuery from within the previous state's create() method so that it would be cached in the browser when game.load() got called in the following state. This effectively cached the audio, but when the same file was then loaded using game.load in the following state, it took just as long to download and decode (I determined this by keeping an eye on the network timeline in Chrome Developer Tools). Am I misunderstanding the function of the preload state?
  15. awbummer

    Calling game.load within create

    Hi, Is it possible to preload assets within a state's create() function? I'd like to preload some stuff for the following state during gameplay in order to reduce load time, but when I attempt this, I get the following error: Phaser.Loader - aborting: processing queue empty, loading may have stalled Thanks!