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  1. reopucino

    PunkJs - Flashpunk framework

    wow so nostalgia... i have used flaskpunk before, and create some game with that framework
  2. reopucino

    Sharing My Music and Sound FX - Over 1000 Tracks

    wow.. i really love your work..
  3. reopucino

    500 HTML5 games in 4 years.

    wow.. that a big games list.. congrats guy
  4. reopucino

    Game data

    wow.. that really help thanks
  5. reopucino

    Hello World!

    welcome aboard Robert
  6. reopucino


    i found a bug.. when you press "R" in game, will play some music, and if you spamming "R" music will stacking with other music
  7. reopucino

    wow interesting game..
  8. reopucino

    Free Source Code for my Game Pipezania

    cool game, but sadly kongregate user more love with idle game
  9. reopucino

    problem with pointer

    hello guys, I'm new with phaser, and have try and learn with phaser. Now i try to create a clone game you can check here but i have problem when playing with phone look like this here is a full code of my game window.onload = function(){ game = new Phaser.Game(480, 480, Phaser.AUTO); game.state.add("GameArea", Gamearea); game.state.start("GameArea"); } var Gamearea = function(game){}; Gamearea.prototype = { firstClick:true, nodeCheck : [], init:function(){ this.scale.pageAlignHorizontally = true; this.scale.pageAlignVertically = true; }, preload:function(){ this.load.path = "assets/"; game.stage.backgroundColor = "#3F7CB6"; this.load.spritesheet('shape', 'simple-img.png', 50,50); }, create:function(){ this.simpleShape =; var firstCheck = false; for(var i = 0;i <8;i++){ for(var j =0; j<8;j++){ var sShape = this.simpleShape.create( 5+60*i, 5+60*j, 'shape'); sShape.inputEnabled = true; sShape.arX = i; sShape.arY = j; sShape.isCheck = false; sShape.indexNumberArray = -1; if(!firstCheck){ firstCheck = true; sShape.indexNumberArray = 0; sShape.isCheck = true; sShape.tint = 0xFFF000; this.nodeCheck.push(sShape); } } } }, update:function(){ if(this.input.activePointer.isDown){ this.simpleShape.forEach(this.clickShape, this); if(this.firstClick)this.firstClick = false; } else{ if(!this.firstClick)this.firstClick = true; } }, clickShape:function(whatNode){ if(whatNode.input.pointerOver()) { this.checkingLastNode(whatNode); } }, checkingLastNode:function(newNode){ if(!newNode.isCheck){ var lastIntNode = this.nodeCheck.length-1; var lastNode = this.nodeCheck[lastIntNode]; if(lastNode.arX == newNode.arX){ if(lastNode.arY+1 == newNode.arY || lastNode.arY-1 == newNode.arY){ //console.log("down or up from last node"); newNode.tint = 0xFFF000; newNode.isCheck = true; newNode.indexNumberArray = this.nodeCheck.length; this.nodeCheck.push(newNode); } } else if(lastNode.arY == newNode.arY){ if(lastNode.arX+1 == newNode.arX || lastNode.arX-1 == newNode.arX){ //console.log("left or right from last node"); newNode.tint = 0xFFF000; newNode.isCheck = true; newNode.indexNumberArray = this.nodeCheck.length; this.nodeCheck.push(newNode); } } } else{ if(this.firstClick){ var removeNodeUntil = newNode.indexNumberArray+1; while(this.nodeCheck.length > removeNodeUntil){ var lastNode = this.nodeCheck[this.nodeCheck.length-1]; lastNode.tint = 0xFFFFFF; lastNode.isCheck = false; lastNode.indexNumberArray = -1; this.nodeCheck.pop(); } } else{ //is_cliciking var lastIntNode = this.nodeCheck.length-2; var lastNode = this.nodeCheck[lastIntNode]; if(newNode == lastNode){ var removeNode = this.nodeCheck[this.nodeCheck.length-1]; removeNode.tint = 0xFFFFFF; removeNode.isCheck = false; removeNode.indexNumberArray = -1; this.nodeCheck.pop(); //console.log("aav"); } } } }, render:function(){ //game.debug.pointer( game.input.activePointer ); } } because im starting game engine with flashpunk, with is more wonted with update function beside adding new events >.< the question is 1. can some body explain why this pointer problem when using mobile, or any article of that?(if im playing with pc this is normal) * 2. can I still using update function for my problem? if yes can show me how look like the code? here is when this game playing with mouse
  10. reopucino

    Viking: Way to Valhalla

    give a 5 starts, i have play this game before they out on kong (but forgot where sites >_< )
  11. reopucino

    LesserPanda framework Weekly

    wow that really cool...
  12. reopucino


    lol.. yeah.. maybe i should change 2+x to other button to start this is free art, you can check from hello tooo, yeah.. another comment so i should change Z+X to start to other button. wow.. great thanks i must admit this game a lot of flaws and i'm still need experience to fixing this. And any way thank to all you have test my game i will fix and improve that game regards
  13. reopucino


    Super-Gala-Shoter it's SHUMP game for #1GAM january use arrow to move you ship and Z to shoot feature : one boss six type enemy one health create by superpowerhtml5. link game play
  14. reopucino

    can moving geom?

    floor is geometry rectangle.. And doesn't have any physic.. but I had to solved that. i'm using "game.debug.geom(floor, '#0FF000');" on render function var floor;function create() {floor= new Phaser.Rectangle(20, 20, 40, 40);game.debug.geom(floor, '#0FF000');}function update() {floor.x += 2}
  15. reopucino

    can moving geom?

    Hello can I'm moving geomentry? I try to use this function update() {floor.x += 2}but that script doesn't work.