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  1. lightest

    [js13k] Glitch Buster

    Add gamepad support and you can go to steam greenlight with that I think.
  2. lightest

    [WIP] Clash of the Daemons

    Needs more lensflares. Great AI though!
  3. lightest

    Make HTML5/JS Game safe!

    Just for lolz guys
  4. lightest

    Having problems with keyboard inputs for my game

    To be honest - don't know why you having your issue. But I wrote an article quite some time ago to sort of try myself in it. It is about very basic stuff aimed to help those who start in JS gamedev. If you're interested specifically about keyboard input in games scroll down to Controls section. The article:
  5. lightest

    How to get motivation for coding?

    Forget about the "right mindstate" thing. Of course the optimum would be to do things the way that works personally for you but sometimes "it is what it is". You start a project and there is a lot of enthusiasm and optimism. But then you encounter a whole shittone of issues that needs to be handled so you realise that it's actually not that quite simple thing to do. I remember myself in a similar situation last summer when I was coding my first "game experiment" - a replica of dangerous dave. What helped me was a very simple thing - a biography of Elon Musk (by Ashlee Vance). The thing is when you read about that man's accomplishments and what kind of issues he and his teams actually had to solve you're like "man, my problems are just nothing! I'd better start working!". Also take a look at this Another thing if you speak about "right mindstate" is that sometimes you have to start moving before it appears. There is a phrase "motion creates emotion", so just start to work on your thing. First a simple for loop, a couple of functions, then a complex algorithm maybe... I don't know, the point is - if there is no proper feeling you have to make it on your own. Use your will power. Hope that thing would be usefull for you. I wish you all the best with your projects. But seriously... JUST DO IT! Peace!
  6. lightest

    New HTML5 RTS game ageofsalvation.

    Holy Crap dude! I did watch only replays yet but game looks really awesome! High respect for selfmade engine as well. I'm looking into creating an isometric game myself so here is some questions from my side: 1. How long did it took you to build this? 2. Server side is written on nodejs or? 3. Is there any generated graphics or it's all sprites? Thanks in advance!
  7. Hmm interesting case. Your code seems legit so looks like some iOS9 safari specific issue. It also works fine in chrome for iOS. Also interesting that if you change some element's property in the decodeAudioData() callback like: var el = document.querySelector('.display'); request.onload = function() { context.decodeAudioData(this.response, function(buffer) { window.addEventListener("touchstart", function() { console.log('touchstart'); }); = '5px'; }); };No matter before binding to 'touchestart' or after it starts to work in safari as well... EDIT 1: It also starts to work with your code after you switch screen orientation. So it seems like screen reflow involved here somehow. Anyway if binding to 'touchstart' in exactly this way is critical I think harmles way to overcome this issue is by adding something like this in decodeAudioData callback: = 'scale(1)';Hope this helps. GLHF!
  8. lightest

    video sequences

    Perhaps it would be better to pause the game, hide canvas and show specially dedicated video tag. Then by handling ended event show game canvas again and hide the video.
  9. There is a guy on this forum with nickname "True Valhalla" he makes HTML5 games for a living. He even wrote a book on how to make money on that stuff. I think you can poke him for tips and tricks. Also best way to demonstrate what kind of fancy things your game has is to provide a gameplay video. GLHF!
  10. lightest

    Starting a Game

    I've been working for a software dev company for 4.5 years now, 2.5 of which in web dev. I remember asking myself the very same questions. Game dev process consists form a several parts like level design, programming, art etc. But since you're asking about future of the web and HTML5 here is some programming gotchas: 1) One of the most important things to understand while creating a game is the principles behind the game system. What actually makes your game tick? I think programming in genereal boils down to data manipulations. It's what you do with information you have and how you can transform one type of information into another. So HTML5 and canvas are a great way to start making games because in JavaScript you can manipulate the data as easy as clicking your fingers. 2) There is no such thing as unworthy spent hours in case you're developing something. If you dedicate yourself to development of any type of system on 100% what you will actually achieve is the more improved, experienced and tough version of yourself. Just like Noid said it doesn't mean you wasted your time if some tech isn't popular anymore. You gained experience and understood principles that you can apply while learning next thing. 3) There is no point where you can say "okay I'm learned enough". There will always be a new engine a new framework a new tech that you don't know yet so make the process of learning and moving forward your lifestyle. If you only starting in game dev (or software dev in general) I would suggest to pick any tech/engine/framework you PERSONALLY interested in and fully commit yourself to it. Learn as much as possible, you'll see it is worth it. I hope that helps! Here is some article in addition: it helped me a lot when I started poking around gamedev. Good luck!
  11. lightest

    Keep Out! A WebGL dungeon adventure

    Neat stuff! Feels a little bit weird at first when you bump into objects that seems pretty distant. Are there any secret rooms ? Is there any plans for music?
  12. Thanks! I really spent a lot of time adjusting stuff like height of jump, falling speed, animations speed, timeouts of monsters atacks etc. And yes I did a very simple map editor. Basically a tool for drawing rectangles on top of the level image with additional set of objects like teleports and monsters. It also used local storage to save the progress.
  13. Btw if anyone into survival mode there is also a small demo on codepen:
  14. Hey everyone! At march 7th 2015 I decided to write a 2d shooter. Because I didn't know what kind of stuff I can actually accomplish I thought may be I can re-create existing game to see if it would be possible to bring some classic feature set to life. When I was a kid the first ever game I played was Dangerous Dave in the Haunted Mansion by id software. With that in mind I put myself to work. Here is the result: Since this was more like self-challenge project the game has only one level. No engines or frameworks used, pure JS. Enjoy the game. All sorts of feedback highly welcomed! GIFS: Shoot zombies Get killed by a thrown knife Loot