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  1. Sent you a message too
  2. Hello! I am curious to know what the forum's favourite plugins are. I would also want to know why you chose that plugin, what made you use it? Thank you for your time html5gamedevs, curious to see your answers.
  3. Initialize it in the create function. This is because dollar depends on dollars, and dollars only gets made after you set dollar. Basically you are setting dollar to... something that doesn't exist.
  4. You might want to post in the phaser section buddy A simple sprite.anchor.setTo(x,y); should do it, sprite.anchor.setTo(0,0) is the top left and sprite.anchor.setTo(1,1) is the bottom right.
  5. I see, I will be sure to make it very clear what version of phaser I am using in future tutorials to avoid people having errors. I don't think changing to Lazer would be that beneficial. The only thing really is the legal issues, if they come knocking at your door then Lazer sounds like a good fallback.
  6. If you can plug v3 into your v2 project and not have to go through hundreds of errors then I think Phaser 3 would be more suitable.
  7. Good read! I definitely agree about calling it Lazer and not Phaser 3 as a person who has made alot of phaser tutorials in the past. It would be less confusing for everyone I guess since they would be so different.
  8. @feudalwars Hey, I got something going. But there is a problem with how they bounce :\ They all have circle physics bodies, but they get stuck before jumping off, any ideas?
  9. I see, thank you so much! I will try it out and post an update here once I got something. Thanks again
  10. Great idea! But how would I add probability to that? How can I avoid it going to the jackpot if I drop it in the middle?