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  1. [Phaser] Brick Break

    Was fun figuring out the mechanics, great game!
  2. Large Texture Atlas

    I would split it up into more than 1 atlas, or just like @Skeptron said. You should look into Spine or Dragonbones.
  3. Because it's mindblowing! I can go and play any game without downloading it, it's the perfect platform for disposable games. That's pretty crazy to me. For me nostalgia was a huge factor too. I remeber playing flash games as a kid on newgrounds and making games that can be distributed like that is just awesome. Only thing that sucks is performance limitations.
  4. Sprites are shaking while moving from right to left

    Could you post a gif/video of whats happening?
  5. Sprites are shaking while moving from right to left

    I'm assuming you're doing spritesheet animation along with the movement. 99% of the times a sprite would shake if it's part of a spritesheet is the way it is positioned in the spritesheet, maybe the frame is offset by a few pixels in the spritesheet making it look shaky. Otherwise I would encourage you to make bodies visible and see if it has anything to do with your movement code.
  6. Stretch the center of a sprite

    You should use the 9 slice method! Heres a plugin that does it for you: https://github.com/orange-games/phaser-nineslice
  7. Your player's X velocity could be way higher than the gravity.
  8. [LD39][Phaser]Universe Hopper

    thats the alien whos running away!
  9. Sprite movement direction

    You can check if the right/left key is pressed, and set the sprite.angle property accordingly
  10. How to make gameover + try again

    this may help you.
  11. Phaser time

    https://phaser.io/docs/2.4.4/Phaser.Time.html#now This should be what you're searching for.
  12. Skinny to fat 3D model morphing

    I think you should get a version of the 'fat' model and the 'skinny' model and compare the position of the verts, and position them closer to one another based on a percentage or number.
  13. Nice use of classes That should do it, pixel perfect clicking is only for sprite events and not collision/overlap.