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  1. [LD39][Phaser]Universe Hopper

    thats the alien whos running away!
  2. Sprite movement direction

    You can check if the right/left key is pressed, and set the sprite.angle property accordingly
  3. How to make gameover + try again

    this may help you.
  4. Phaser time

    https://phaser.io/docs/2.4.4/Phaser.Time.html#now This should be what you're searching for.
  5. Skinny to fat 3D model morphing

    I think you should get a version of the 'fat' model and the 'skinny' model and compare the position of the verts, and position them closer to one another based on a percentage or number.
  6. Nice use of classes That should do it, pixel perfect clicking is only for sprite events and not collision/overlap.
  7. Are you using the right callbacks and sprites? it should work. You need to get rid of buttons and use sprites input instead if you're going to use the pixel perfect method
  8. https://phaser.io/examples/v2/input/pixel-perfect-click-detection This should help you
  9. Hehe, thanks If you have any issues get back to me
  10. Make invisible buttons on each of the instruments, make callbacks play sound.
  11. Sent you a message too