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    Unlocking FPS

    I'm working on using Babylon.js to create a gaming benchmark. The primary test will measure the total time it takes to complete a game on different systems with an unlocked FPS. I've done some research and looked into the source code / docs and I could not find anyway to do this other than a few hacks My first attempt was to experiment with engine.fps and engine.fpsLimit. I tried to set engine.fpsLimit to an extremely high number, which I had hoped would unlock the frame rate, but it did not seem to do anything. Next I attempted to use this hack: www.chandlerprall.com/2011/06/beating-60fps-in-javascript/. In short, window.postMessage('','*') is added to the end of the render loop. Then you add an event listener that calls the render loop upon receiving the message, like this: window.addEventListener('message', runRenderLoop, false); This only worked somewhat. The logic within my runRenderLoop method was run at a much higher rate than 60fps, but rendering slowed to a much slower rate. engine.getFPS() only reported about 5fps, so this is also clearly unacceptable. Any ideas on how to unlock the FPS? Is there something that I am missing? Thanks for any help in advance!