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  1. What programs, tools and techniques do I need to draw graphics like sword and sworcery? I hope this is clearer than the question before!
  2. I've been coding some basic games in JS for the last 3 months and so far I achieved my goals been able to make them without needing to draw things myself (used free to use sprites) and also most of the games didn't even need images. I did almost everything with rect and arc. But now I want to move on to some more "elaborate" stuff, in the sense that there will now be images and characters that I myself would like to make. Problem is, I'm not from an art background, just programming. My game now is simple, graphics like sword and sworcery (that pixelated type of style). How can I make images like those in sword and sworcery? Is it feasible or will I have to hire an artist? If possible I would like to do everything myself.
  3. Yeah, I guess that's the best way and probably the one that works out for most people. I was just wondering because maybe there was another way that was generally more agile than that, but I guess not!
  4. Been coding some games in javascript for about 3 months. So far: an angry birds ugly clone (really crappy, using box2dWeb), a shooter like sonic wings (way smaller, though), and some simple games like pong, breakout and a simple endless runner with no sprites, just using rect and arc to draw. I've been experimenting with ways to plan the code, and realized that I output more and finish things quicker if I don't actually plan anything at all: just sit there and code, and deal with problems as they occur. Do you guys do that way too? I guess maybe because all games I did were small ones this works. Maybe for bigger ones it will be a mess, even though the code I write is usually clean. How do you guys go on about planning all the functions, objects and interactions amongst your games?