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  1. I have never used local storage in a game with cocoon, but I have used in another ios app that used a web view and it also cleared the local storage when I exited the app. If you are doing mobile games that need persistence, instead of having to deal with local storage, you can instead write a file to the device with this plugin:
  2. I think your case is in doubt. Like unity exporting to html5.
  3. If you want to make cordova applications and run it in the native web view. Older android versions don't support es6 in the webview. You can always use crosswalk or just ignore those android versions, but there's a use case for es5.
  4. You can transpile on the fly, however I don't recommend it, especially for games. It has a perfomance impact that it's not needed if the source if transpiled in build time. Although it's nice that you point it out, because for development and prototyping it can be very helpful.
  5. ES6 is the way to go. I still use only es5 to support older android versions. But it won't last. Perhaps my next games will be es6 only.
  6. You can call it "full screen ad". I use them too in my game.
  7. I use visual studio community with web essentials extension. Bundling and minification of files is very simple with that.
  8. That's what happened, he was in the corner. Keep up the good work!
  9. Fun game. I was playing in mobile and didn't understand the fight. Is it running ok in mobile?
  10. Yes. Phaser is a javascript library like any other. You can have html buttons and events that call functions of your game, the same way you call any function on javascript.
  11. Thanks for sharing.
  12. I think it's --uglify switch you need
  13. I usually use cordova for that, to take advantage of the plugins to interact with native functionality.
  14. Crosswalk will disappear because starting in android 7, the webview uses the same libraries as Chrome. So, crosswalk would be an older version than the default webview. As for ios, the wkwebview has also good performance. So crosswalk is once again redundant. But for now, it's still useful to use it, to support older versions of android.
  15. No, crosswalk is a webview and replaces your webview in your existing app. I think it's exactly what you need.