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  1. I use the emulator, but on an device you can use adb. To view the output open adb with this parameters: adb logcat -s chromium For the emulator, try this:
  2. Looks very promising. Can't wait to play it.
  3. Using Cocoon with Phaser

    You can see the phaser template cocoon here:
  4. Phaser with Kotlin

    Nice. Thanks for sharing.
  5. In your html above, you are not opening the body tag, could that be a problem?
  6. What are the errors you are getting?
  7. Is canvas running phaser with WebGL? If so, try to change that property to auto or canvas.
  8. Deploying games to Android.

    Crosswalk won't have new versions. Since android 7, the Web view uses the same libraries as chrome. No need for crosswalk anymore with this.
  9. Deploying games to Android.

    Cordova + crosswalk works fine. Starting from Android 6, crosswalk is no longer needed for most games, as the android web view is enough. You can use crosswalk always or, as suggested before, create multiple apks. For that you may see this link to help you: I haven't tried, for my game I always use crosswalk. The main reason for that was when I launched the game Android 6.0 was getting out, almost nobody had it, and I didn't had a way to test the game in those devices. So for not taking risks, crosswalk for all.
  10. Point and click adventure games

    This one is made with Phaser by a member of this forum, looks really nice:
  11. Phaser and larger-scale games?

    By larger scale do you mean high end graphics or online for millions of users? For high end graphics running javascript in the browser may not be there yet in terms of performance. With WebAssembly it will get better, WebGL is also getting better, but when compared to games in other technologies it still stays behind. For online games it depends on your servers, but for client side it will need a lot of multithreading and processing power, both things that javascript in a browser is still not optimal. It's not really about Phaser, but javascript. You can't compare javascript with C++ (which most AAA games are), at least for now, C++ will perform faster and consume less resources like RAM and CPU. Graphic Cards also have better performance with C/C++ apis than WebGL. NWjs is still chromium running javascript, it may be better than running a full browser, but not much better. Still, for indie games, Phaser may be enough. Phaser is not meant for 3D, so if you are doing a 2D game, you won't need so much graphic and processing power. I have a mobile game made in Cordova in Phaser, and I'm pretty happy with it's performance on mobile.
  12. I think an app should have only one game, but that is my opinion. Google Play Store also recommends one game per app. Saying that, I don't think they are doing anything wrong if the games they are using are from legitimate developing and licensing, not stolen.
  13. How to package html5 games for mobile?

    I use cordova. The difference in size may be the use of crosswalk webview. Gives you better performance and compatibility, but needs lots of space.
  14. Use Phaser sprite in DOM?

    You can do something simpler, the sprite is just an image like any other, just use it where you want like any normal sprite. See this examples:
  15. Use Phaser sprite in DOM?

    You can take a screenshot of the canvas. See this: Try also to search "html5 canvas screenshot" to see more examples.