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  1. When I submit games through the play store I write the features I added in a field that the google developers console provides. It then appears in the play store page of my game.
  2. I haven't tested, but try to use sendToBack method.
  3. The game is nice to play. As for monetization in this kind of games you can use ads that pay per click. The game is still free and you can earn some revenue.
  4. Try to connect your phone to the pc and debug it with adb adb logcat -s chromium It may help if some errors show up.
  5. I didn't test it because I don't have a windows phone, but cordova adds this to the html template (inside head): <meta name="msapplication-tap-highlight" content="no"> See if it works.
  6. Nice game!
  7. Those are tools to automate your process and bootstrap new games faster. If you don't feel comfortable yet, or don't need a process like that, just include phaser as a JavaScript file and make your game in your favourite ide.
  8. SSL certificates from Let's Encrypt are free and a good choice:
  9. You have asus zenbook 3, it's cheaper than a mac and microsoft surface 4, and still very good. However for programming, I would prefer a laptop with a full keyboard, and none of the above has one.
  10. They are both very good. The first levels should be easier, only later levels should be hard. Keep making and improving your games, they are nice.
  11. You have a '+' sign in JSON.parse in the first. In the second, the validation is wrong, you want something like: var savedPlayer = localStorage.getItem('player'); if (savedPlayer) { this.player = JSON.parse(savedPlayer); } This assuming you have local storage available, in older browsers that's not the case.
  12. It's a nice game, very good idea, congratulations.
  13. Great game!
  14. I guess it's ok to share your tools with the community.