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  1. I think the webview will clear your cookies on every new usage. Does a plugin like cordova-plugin-file, that lets you create a file with your data, works for you?
  2. If you use visual studio community, that is free to use, you will get a cordova template that is easy to work with. Give it a try.
  3. The webbrowser control in WPF and windows forms is the same as Internet Explorer 8. It won't be easy to use that in html5 games.
  4. You could use the technologies you build your games, this forum, I don't think they would mind.
  5. Looks promising, very nice graphics, music and gameplay. When playing in firefox against the first boss, I got a warning from firefox saying some script is slowing down the page. Maybe something you have when the opponent is thinking.
  6. There is a game card made by one of this forum users (I don't remember the name, I hope he sees this topic to answer it). It's only jQuery and plain HTML5 and he also has a Steam version. Its a vampire card game (magic the gathering style), looks very good, hope he shares his experience with you.
  7. I would prefer the player to choose the flag of the country he wants to play with. Off course, you can't face your own team, so that couldn't be an opponent. You can use these SVG flags with MIT licence: Make sure to credit the author, because they are really good. Although in my foosball game, teams are generic named by their color. I didn't really wanted nations for now.
  8. bruno_

    Upload game

    See if the console log in developer tools (F12) says anything that helps.
  9. It depends on how you compile or what application you use. After you compile you can open the APK with 7-zip or winzip, and see if its there. If it is, you shouldn't publish it. I don't recommend to put the key in the app folder, because you need to use the same key to all your apps, for that reason the app folder is not the best place.
  10. Just make sure you don't publish it with your app and that the key won't go to any public location.