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  1. You have pause in Phaser: game.paused = true;
  2. Even if you keep writing your code in JS, you could import libraries made in C++ from others with web assembly. For game engines and graphic processors that could mean a performance improvement without changing your code.
  3. I really like hexagon games, I recently played military madness (the original) and it is awesome. About your game, it's hard to start and understand what to do. The game may be nice, but in casual games, it has to be simpler to start.
  4. Cocoon uses crosswalk, it should be fine. High resolution images may have some impact in devices with low end GPUs. Try to use smaller images instead, to see if you can gain some fps.
  5. Are the games cordova? If they are, try to use crosswalk to get better performance. S3 is a 2012 phone. 45-50 fps is not bad for a 5 year old phone. Is the resolution too high? Lower resolution will have better fps.
  6. I think html5 games and apps (either they use phaser or other libraries) are here to stay. The smartphones are more powerful every day, and new developments like web assembly or new apis for javascript multi threading will help improve performance. If your games are intensive 3D or VR, full hd or 4k... javascript may not be there yet... But if they are more simple 2D games that's ok. Like you said, you have to test. I test them manually, so I can't help you improve in that way.
  7. If its saved on the app sandbox, it is hidden. Try to read it from the app that creates it.
  8. Have you installed the plugin suggested in the url? Canvas2ImagePlugin You need to see if the console outputs any error, using adb logcat, vorlon.js or debugging
  9. I have an xbox 360 controller (wired) and it works fine in windows 10. (I play a lot of PES 2017 with it). I tried the phaser sample and it also worked fine. I have windows creators update version, but I think it works fine with other versions too. Is your xbox 360 controller wireless? If so, you need an adapter.
  10. I agree with you, a gamepad is much better to play than a smartphone. It's good however, for quiz games.
  11. Sorry, I was talking about using a smartphone as a gamepad, not about webrtc/p2p
  12. That's how airconsole works:
  13. If you want to build a projects like this, you shouldn't wait for others. Start building a platform and game you like in small steps, if it it's good (the game, the engine or the platform) keep improving it and others will eventually join. The hardest part is to start doing and promoting it.
  14. It depends on your game and device you are trying to run. We need to know more details about your game to help you with that. But it is possible to have phaser games with good performance on mobile.
  15. CocoonJS uses Cordova with crosswalk. 1 - I think the performance will be the same in both. Cordova may be harder to set up (although I never used cocoon, but I assume it will bootstrap all your webview settings). 2 - Yes, crosswalk supports websockets. 3 - Yes, with cordova plugins. 4 - Yes, also with cordova plugins. 5 - There is also a cordova plugin for Google Adsense. If you explore cordova, you will find that there's a plugin for almost all native functionality. The box2d however, may not have good performance on older devices. You need to test and prototype. Good luck with your game.