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  1. How to package html5 games for mobile?

    I use cordova. The difference in size may be the use of crosswalk webview. Gives you better performance and compatibility, but needs lots of space.
  2. Use Phaser sprite in DOM?

    You can do something simpler, the sprite is just an image like any other, just use it where you want like any normal sprite. See this examples:
  3. Use Phaser sprite in DOM?

    You can take a screenshot of the canvas. See this: Try also to search "html5 canvas screenshot" to see more examples.
  4. Admob Free Plugin with Phaser

    I don't know about that plugin. I use this one: And it has this events: // onAdLoaded // onAdFailLoad // onAdPresent // onAdDismiss // onAdLeaveApp document.addEventListener('onAdFailLoad', function(e){ // handle the event });
  5. Quicket

    Great game. Congratulations.
  6. Ads in phaser game

    Try to use crosswalk just to compare the performance of both.
  7. Ads in phaser game

    Are you using admob pro plugin for cordova? That's already native java, the JavaScript part is only the bridge. Web workers won't help because the ad is not on the Webview. Do you use crosswalk? It will help in android versions earlier than 7.
  8. Ads in phaser game

    I think the best option for now is to show banners only in menus.
  9. Build Android (apk) game with phaser

    You can put the event handler anywhere. I recommend creating it as soon as possible, and only once. Just put these lines where you need: document.addEventListener("backbutton", onBackKeyDown, false); function onBackKeyDown() { // Handle the back button }
  10. Ads in phaser game

    Don't know exactly what causes that, but try to test with my parameters (I use admob pro for cordova): AdMob.createBanner({ adId: 'xxxxxxxxx', overlap: true, offsetTopBar: false, position: AdMob.AD_POSITION.BOTTOM_LEFT, bgColor: '#000000', autoShow: false }); Let it create first, and on the next menu, show it: AdMob.showBanner(AdMob.AD_POSITION.BOTTOM_LEFT); If you play "Penalty Cup" in my game the banner ad is still there while playing. I don't have many animations in the game, but it should give you a general idea.
  11. Ads in phaser game

    What kind of ad makes your game laggy? interstitial or banner? In what devices are you testing? Can you see if my game (in the signature) is also laggy with the ads?
  12. Build Android (apk) game with phaser

    You have to add an event listener to "backbutton". See this example:
  13. My first HTML5 game

    Played today, very fun game. The 3D version looks great. It would be cool if you had some backgrounds.