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  1. first game "the shape of color"

    That's a good game. Fun to play.
  2. Hybrid apps vs. C# and Unity.

    It's admob, adsense version for mobile. I used this cordova plugin - admob pro:
  3. Hybrid apps vs. C# and Unity.

    My game (in the signature) is Phaser 2.4.4 with Cordova and crosswalk. From Android 6, crosswalk is not really needed anymore. The advantage of Phaser and Cordova for mobile is the simplicity of development, I could get a app working in a small amount of time (only with free components). The downside is performance, although my game runs smoothly in most devices, it still can't compete with native.

    Very good! How have you implemented the replays? They look really nice.
  5. Cordova can't load Phaser

    Don't use async defer. I know you already tried, but its simpler to start if you don't use it. Try not to use a dot in the path, use something like src="phaser.js", with the script in the same folder as the html. This way you are certain that the path is correct.
  6. Preferred Language for Phaser?

    I prefer ES6, although sometimes I use ES5 for compatibility when I don't want to use transpilers.
  7. Are you sure you want the user to choose the file name? Its not very intuitive on mobile, I don't have any app that makes me choose a file name. They just generate a name for me so I don't have to care. If you really want to make it, don't forget to validate that the entered input is valid for a file name.
  8. Best to package for mobile

    My game is packaged in cordova.
  9. Sparkchess

    Great game, I love chess games.
  10. Security error

    the only error I see in firefox is this file, because it has a reference to localhost instead of the server: http://localhost/experiment/back.jpg You need to change that to a relative path.
  11. From C# to JS

    Classes in javascript are new to ES6 (newer javascript). In ES5 (older javascript), you would use prototypes to achieve the same functionality of classes. The difference now is that not all browsers support full ES6 yet. If you're making a game that will run on newer versions of browsers, you can use ES6 and classes. If not, you can write ES5 directly, or write ES6 and transpile it to ES5 (view some examples on how to do this on google).
  12. I use the emulator, but on an device you can use adb. To view the output open adb with this parameters: adb logcat -s chromium For the emulator, try this:
  13. Looks very promising. Can't wait to play it.
  14. Using Cocoon with Phaser

    You can see the phaser template cocoon here:
  15. Phaser with Kotlin

    Nice. Thanks for sharing.