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  1. Hi, I'm looking for a game developer to help us finish a simple HTML5 cross platform IOS game. We have a prototype nearly complete we would like finished. This will involve working with our artist and mightyeditor who has properties and a spec to create a simple HTML5 game. We have properties to conform to certain behaviors pro grammatically. *The game is a drag and drop game with particle effects *15 minigames This prototype will go on to make 10 more apps so there will be steady work for a while. It will likely involve in the future. It will definitely involve an in app purchase with apple, so if you have experience with that, the better. If you are interested please message me on skype (eyaldtz) or eyal at imaginemachine dot com Thanks Eyal
  2. imaginemachine

    How to use in app purchase with ?

    What is the best practice ? I have only one in app purchase that needs to be implemented. Thank you
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    How to use Plist file in

    Is there a plug in for that ? I would like to localise the app and I need a plist file to hold the different text that I have in the game. What is the best way ? The game will be for iOS and Android Thank you
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    Looking for a Phaser game developer

    No One ?????
  5. Hi, I'm looking for a game developer to help us finish a simple game. Our developer had to leave this project so we have - 1. The code (not complete of course) 2. Working with Mighty editor - all scenes of the the game are broken into pieces. I will give a link to a live demo later but will say this for now - 1. The game is a drag and drop game 2. 15 mini games - basically it's the same game just different skins because it's all drag and drop the work will include some of these tasks: - adding menu buttons and windows. - building some already defined games. - saving and loading game data + using loaded data in game. and more If you are interested please email me - eyal at imaginemachine dot com or skype me at eyaldtz Looking forward to hearing from you Eyal iMagine Machineā„¢