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    Blend Modes

    this is what I was looking for. I love you.
  2. popkat

    Blend Modes

    Hi, I'm using autoDetect, but the application requires webgl (no need for 2d context support). The docs says " The WebGL renderer only supports the NORMAL, ADD, MULTIPLY and SCREEN blend modes. Anything else will silently act like NORMAL." (https://pixijs.github.io/docs/PIXI.html#.BLEND_MODES)
  3. popkat

    Blend Modes

    Hello, it seems that only some of pixi blend modes are implemented. I need to implement Overlay and Lighten modes, question; where can I start to do this?, (edit: I know about the programming involved, what I need is some help to modify Pixi source code) Thanks!,
  4. Hello, after doing some search about how the new DisplacementFilter works on v3; I couldn't make it work. From the docs: Currently the r property of the texture is used offset the x and the g property of the texture is used to offset the y. Is there any working example on how to do this with v3?. Thanks!