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  1. Hi Per-Erik. You did a minor mistake in your code at advancedTexture.background = '#ffffff00'; hex color code should be 6 character . I have just edited for you
  2. Hello Everyone, I am seeing an error in chrome debug panel which says "Uncaught SyntaxError: Unexpected end of JSON input error on browser tool " I have also attached the screenshot of the error. I am using Babylon .5.4 exporter with the latest version of Babylon js on 2.78a blender. I am using screenimportmesh and asset manager to load 2 of my Babylon file. But Asset manager is failing to achieve onsuccess event. so scene is not rendering, But if i am calling render scene on assetmanager onerror scene is rendering which is a bit confusing, why The asset manager calling error when it is able to load models. For reproducing the issue : Reload the below link for 2nd time ,it will regenerate syntax error on browser debugger. Reproducing scene not rendering problem : remove below code from line number 111(visual studio code) run(gamescene); This function is calling my scene rendering. But it should be fire up from mesh load onsuccess .if it is firing up from onerror . if i remove calling the above function from error call scene will never load I think it is linked to the Uncaught SyntaxError: Unexpected end of JSON input error on browser tool error. Kindly help me with this bug . please note: There are some other errors for manifest and one of startup function which I am aware of, and as much as I know manifest are not really responsible for this issue Thank you
  3. I found the solution to my problem.Though its a mistake done by me , I just forgot to add scene.activeCamera = mynewCam .
  4. in my scene I have created 3 cameras (free camera) in a blender SCENE and exported the scene, I want to get that camera in a different variable so I can use them to switch in between them. Is there anyway I can get those cameras from code like getMeshByName or getCameraby name. can anybody direct me the proper way?
  5. @dbawel Thank you DB for your explanation on how to use it i am trying to use the way you advised and it works pretty well . Currently i am not getting any further issue with animations ,after reading thoroughly yours and gryff's suggestion. Thank you both of you . Regards, Biswazr
  6. Thank you verymuch for your help @gryff . with your great help i understand the problem now mine also playing well . .
  7. Thank you @gryff i am waiting for your reply
  8. This issue is littile complicate or i am totally doing some thing wrong . i have downloaded one sample animation from mixamo as bvh and i have also followed all the steps over here Animation works well . But i needed some tweak in hand position and some leg movement ..i did them in blender and blender plays well after that i again exported the animation and just everything doomed . dont know what i am doing wrong . tried with other animation from mixamo works well , but if a single frame edited by blender everything distorting mixamodownloaded.blend with_extra_anim.blend
  9. Thank you @JCPalmer , @dbawel for your suggestion ,Also i found boolean modifier is the culprit here . Thanks all of you.
  10. Thank You @JCPalmer, for your help ,i will go through documentation as u suggested ,but can i ask one question ? using boolean to create window cuts in a wall (cube) ,will it create any issue as i am facing some black patches. If u can just help me with that , here u can see also
  11. First of all sorry for my english or grammatical error I have just create a simple scene with some cubes ,which use to make a house and applied only diffuse texture ;created one sun in blender texture are simple diffuse texture though it creates funny specular dot in the middle of mesh i have attached picture also link top my testing local server note: i have created those window cuts using boolean modifier but everymesh has ths tpe of specularity
  12. Thanks @JCPalmer for look into the matter , what ever u said is true, i have merged for testing only , that is why whole character named to eyelash , but all merging and scaling and everything done prior to exporting . Now i have also got solution but i have to remove my opacity make it work. Dont know it is the proper solution or not still worked 90 % except struggling with hair (with out opacity its ugly ) Thanks for your help .
  13. I have tried many things like back face culling true /false , blender recalculate normal ,everything i have tried but some part of the meshes are looks ugly .babylon file and screenshot also attached face deformation happening only where two objects over lapping . can anybody help me with this Alan_Schol3.babylon
  14. @Deltakosh thank you for your reply . i got the idea how to get collision work.Thank you