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  1. Hey there! I use static interstitials every now and then, rewarded videos for winning "hints" and in-app-purchases with various in-game items.
  2. Edit: I updated the topic with the App Store link! Tell me what you think of it
  3. DA QUIZ Android: iOS: Hey everybody! I just released "Da Quiz" on the App Store & Google Play, it's a trivia / quiz word game with up to 900 questions to answer! There are 6 categories (Sports, Cinema, Music, Video Games, History and Geography) and I intend to make updates to add questions and categories frequently! It was made in Construct 2 and exported using the Phonegap build! Construct 2 is a very powerful tool and looks like Construct 3 will be a lot better! I hope you'll give it a shot and your feedback is highly appreciated! Thanks again and Quiz on!
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    [Release] Da Box

    Hello everybody, here is my new and first game launched on Google Play, it's called "Da Box"! URL: It's a puzzle/platformer, using one finger to play. It's really easy to learn, but somehow hard to master! It was made using Construct 2 (for the most part, some coding was done for additionnal stuff) and it uses the Crosswalk Webview for the best compatibility. I hope you'll like it, and don't hesitate to comment, give me suggestions/feedback and share! Enjoy Here are some screenshots: