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  1. Hey guys, Thanks for the feedback. Yes I need to look into changing the power up timer it's on my to do list :).
  2. Hello All, Did a fun Brick Breaker clone in Phaser complete with powerups, highscore, and multiple levels. I have always loved these types of games and had a lot of fun making this clone, feel free to play it at All feedback is welcome, please let me know how you liked it and also what needs to be improved. Happy coding!
  3. Very cool! Only one thing is I am getting extremely low FPS, between about 8 and 10 on Chrome. Not sure if this is an issue you know about... Other than that very awesome idea and I cant wait to see what you do with it.
  4. @shvalb For the demo tweens to work on the website you need to select an animation from the drop down on the left hand side, then to activate the tween just click the phaser logo. You may need to click it twice to focus the iframe and then to activate the tween. I am going to update the website here sometime this week to state how to activate the tween, and also work on the focus issue with the iframe. Please let me know if you have any issues and I will be more than happy to take a look at them. Also the 'reload' button is there to refresh the logo on the iframe, so if you test say fadeout tween you click the refresh to reload the logo in the iframe. Thank you!
  5. @phreaknation @kudefe Yes the logo has to be clicked to trigger the tween. That is my fault for not making it clear on the website, I will add that in. Thank you both for checking it out and relaying some feedback, truly appreciate it.
  6. Hello Everybody, I have just finished and am releasing a small UI plugin for Phaser, it is basically a collection of premade tweens in an easy to use and simple interface with set default parameters(which of course can be overwritten). This is my first time releasing anything to the community and all feedback is greatly appreciated. I have put together a site for the plugin found here, there you will find demos of each tween animation I have included into the project. The entire project along with instructions on how to include and use it can be found on github here. Once again I hope this will be useful to the community as a quick way to either prototype games, or as a tool to quickly add many different tweens with different properties into your project. Thank you all for reading and checking it out and please let me know what you all think, if there are any bugs, or anything you believe should be included in the project. Happy Coding, Get_Bentley
  7. The only issue I can see at first glance in your code is you are missing a semi colon in the proload function after game.load.image. Should be : game.load.image('menu', '/images/menu.png') Not sure because I havent actually tested the code but this could possibly be it. If you would like to describe exactly which line is throwing the error may be easier to help you debug. Let me know if this helps!
  8. That I am not sure of I have never worked with C++.
  9. Hello! First off I would recommend using States, check out this link for a tutorial Second off I would also say you should look into writing your code in ES6 then compiling down to ES5, this way you can write your code in a more Object Orientated way. Here is also a good tutorial If you want an example of a game written in ES6 take a look at a simple Brick Breaker Clone I did in ES6 with Phaser Hope this helps!
  10. @b10b Thank you for letting me know, I had the privacy set to restricted. I have tested it now and all should be good. It is the same link
  11. Hello Everyone, This is the first Phaser game that I have posted here on the forums. Its a simple click game designed for browser and mobile play. This is a work in progress and in no way finished or impressive but thought I would share and get some feedback since I have never posted a game I am working on in here. You can view and play the game on at this link Thanks and let me know what you all think!
  12. Job well done, very interesting gameplay and concept. For how simple the mechanics are it is really addicting, and actually pretty hard. Think my top score was like 50. You should think about possibly giving the player multiple lives, or if you want to leave it just a single life game possibly implement a high score element so you can compete against yourself. Overall I definitely enjoyed it, thank you for sharing.
  13. phaser

    Not sure exactly how you are creating the two separate bottles. Basically what you could do is create two separate variables to store the two separate bottles such as // Create the bottle that you want to increase the score this.bottleOne =, y, 'bottleOne'); // Create the second bottle that you wish to decrease the player score this.bottleTwo =, y, 'bottleTwo'); //In update section create two separate collisions update() { //Create the collision in update loop for bottleOne that will increase score and call the bottleOneCollide function, this.bottleOne, this.bottleOneCollide, null, this); //Create the collision in update loop for bottleTwo that will increase score and call the bottleTwoCollide function, this.bottleTwo, this.bottleTwocollide, null, this); } //Create a function to handle collision between player and bottleOne bottleOneCollide() { score += 1 this.bottleOne.kill(); } //Create a function to handle the collision between the player and bottleTwo bottleTwoCollide() { score -= 1 this.bottleTwo.kill(); } This is all assuming that you are using arcade physics with your game. The way I have written it here is as if you are using ES6 since that is what I am used to working in but if you are not it would only take a couple small tweaks to get it to work. Hope that this helps out.
  14. I wouldn't mind helping out while I have some time. Pacific Time Zone UTC-08:00
  15. Absolutely fantastic game. Very fun and original idea, great job.